fredag 22. mai 2009

Rainy Day Things

It's a bit chilly outside, the rain is off and on... and I kind of like it... I love the smell of summer rain. And when it rains through full sunshine, it takes on a magical feeling... I even heard the season's first roll of thunder! Ah!!! The air after a good thunderstorm is the absolute best! Between showers yesterday and today I went out for a small photo safari...

The little frog prince watching the flowerbed by the stairs...
Part of my porch there... with some of my own flowers, as well as the O-man's flowers... I am "watching" them for him :)

And as I was throwing together dinner I noticed how brilliant even POTATOES look in rainy-sunshine!

I picked this up from Nille today as well... It stands underneath my weeping birch, right where I feed the birds.. So it's welcoming both humans and birds alike to my garden :)

It looked pretty good on my porch steps as well though... so maybe it will change places during the summer :) We'll see...And finally! I got my new freezer... My old one was really not working at all, it leaked, which resulted in constant icing to the point where the door wouldn't even close. So me, dad and ma dragged it out, and replaced it with another... WORKING one! Hurray!!! I am so pleased!

I still have to work tomorrow... so my week is a bit tipsy topsy... I have not yet gotten used to the whole "free during the week" thing that an 80% job give you. It's very welcoming though, just alittle confusing on my self! Ha ha

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

tirsdag 19. mai 2009

Moss Displays

Yesterday me and mum went out for a moss-expedition... I have wanted to make a mossy terrarium for ages. After drooling over some gorgeous ones I have collected online, I found it was time to do one of my own. They are super simple to do... And moss will keep for quite some time as long as you remember to mist it every couple days.

I decided to make alittle fairytale setting underneath my cloche. With a frog prince, an old key, sime pearls and my old, ornated clock.
A closeup... it was damn hard taking photos through the glass...
the other one, which I made in a large jar... This one was much more simple... with no hills, and just the large snail shell.... yet I think it looks really cool...
My naturalia, fantasia, nostalgia display! If you want to do it properly... you need to put pebbles at the bottom of the jar, followed by some coal and soil before you add the moss... But I reckon I will change mine rather quickly... so I didnt bother right now... besides I didnt have any pebbles at hand... ha ha..

Well I hope you all have a fantastic tuesday evening... it's a bit misty outside today, alittle chilly and perfect for an indoor day... But it SMELLS amazing outside...

søndag 17. mai 2009

Hipp Hipp Hurra!!!

It is May 17th, and Norway's Independence day... and no one celebrate their independence day quite like the weird Norwegains... I could show you tons of pictures of Norwegian flags and what not... but no... I rather not today...
My celebration was far more quiet than the national norm... and I had a small gathering of family over at my cottage. The table was set in a fairytale theme, part because my cottage has this theme in general, part to honour the Eurovison winner Alexander Rybak's fab "fairytale" song... It is good to be Norwegian these days...

My tablesetting has my little favorite king frog resting under a buquet of white roses and birch.
He looks pretty happy there doesnt he?

My place settings were simple, tided around the cutlery with rough string.

And here they are, my crazy, lovely family... all though not all of it of course... From the left you see the family queen mother... My fabulous gran. Next is crazy uncle Harald... then there is my King dad there at the end, the Queen Bee herself (my mum) and one of my adopted german sisters who made it "home" for Norway Day... Arwen... I'm taking the photo of course!

I guess I should have planted this out, but it looks just so much better in my white bowl... ha ha... for now anyway.

Pink peonies in my window...

and white anemones on my kitchen table...And I just noticed... not a flag in sight... I had a little flag incident... I tried in my womanly smart way to get the balcony flag up with little nails... it was a tragedy made to happen... when I got out of the shower that poor flag was head down in my flower bed... sigh... So dad and the allimighty "punisher" (read: drill...) had to come around and fix it... and then I forgot to take a picture of it... oh well... maybe next year I'll remember...

So untill next time! Happy Birthday all my fellow Norwegians... hope you had a fantastic Independce day!

lørdag 2. mai 2009

Why I love country living....

Spring has very much arrived... And I am basking in all its glory!!!! Thursday was my last day at the bookshop, and allthough I will sorely miss all my fab co-workers, and all those greta books and funny customers... I am looking greatly forward to having more "me-time". Time to spend at home, or in the stable with Ole... Which reminds me, in the two last days alot has happend in the stable. When me and the O-man came to feed horses on friday morning... a little new bundle of fun greated us. A filly had arrived. An andalusian... She's super cute :) And has the funniest walk... Then today when we arrived in the morning, with hardly any time to spare... Ole's Welsh Mountain had feet sticking out of her rear... great... you couldnt hold it in for another day?! Ha ha... so there we were, watching new life arrive... and a adorable filly came to life in front of our eyes. I love seeing births, it never stops to amaze me... new life... one minute they are not there... and the very next, a brand new soul enters our world.
Later when I sat inside with the new mum and the filly. She got up on her wobbely feet, sniffed me and neighed a hello... I was sold... she is amazing! And I can't wait to see her grow up,, to get to work with her... the little wonder that she is....
So I had stay behind to make sure mum and baby was doing okay, while O-man went to work... when I realized everything was fine, I went home, stopped by O's job and picked out some flowers... lots actually... for my porch and garden, and then he surprised me by giving them all to me as thanks!!! I love the O-man! He is the bestest friend anyone could ever wish for! Thank you!!! So now I'm here at my porch, wine in hand... enjoying the evening... and all my new flowers!
Friday I was at the farm with O-man's family... We had the seasons first BBQ, lots of goodies,, both liqued and food... Lots and lots of laughter... I love that it is now light untill past 10pm... And I am trying my best to enjoy these months... and not let them pass too soon...I have been super productive, planted in my garden, and weeded! And even made cake! o.O Yes... I am super woman today! Ha ha... Its just been one of those really rememorable days!
I took a walk along my road and picked wild growing anemones... My favorite spring flowers... and put them in a fleamarket find from 2 weekends ago... a white teapot :)And some more on my didningtable :)I got this from O's mum when she came around to see my house for the first time :) I collect geraniums, so I am so pleased that bot she and Ole gave me some today :)My porch... it's decorated in reds, whites and turqouise :) And I live here now... lazy, long days... Love it! The table will eventually be painted white, but the chairs and the bech will stay the weathered look for a while. I kind of like it :)And I wanted to show you this. I have collected a few vintage "skyline" kitchen utensils at fleamarkets, and thought it a shame to hide them in a drawer. So I put them all up over my stove. They are in use daily and decorative when they are not. I have to collect a few more to finnish the display... it will give me something to look for at fleamarkets :)Tomorrow I will have to do some boring laundry, as well as try to paint my newly bought diningroom chairs... Unless it rains of course... if it does I might just stay in reading :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!! Just like I am having! Ta taa!