fredag 26. februar 2010

I wish for a......

Picket fence!

Oh yes I do..., with a quaint, romantic garden gate :) Come summer I hope to get my dream come true. I don't think it will be all that conventional, and I am toying with the idea of useing different sized leftover wood... :) Which I have alot of... Either way, I imagine it will be a nice framing to my beloved cottage :)

So I have been collecting images for some time, for inspiration. Most of these were simply googled, so if you recognize any as yours, or someone elses. Let me know and I will give credit where credit is due.

(image from

Oh I long for summer.... but it is STILL SNOWING !!!! Havent we had enough allready?! But I have heart rumours about getting milder, WARM degrees next week... could it mean that the thaw is coming? finally??

mandag 22. februar 2010


I have been away this weekend, and I came home to a house full of dead flowers and plants!!! Hmmm now all my windowsill look empty and sad :( And even my greens in the birdcage has whitered! Hmmmpf... seems I must ivest in some flowers when I get paid... sigh!!! At least a couple!!!

It's alittle dusty and .... just messy here... nothing to blog about eh? Ha ha... well maybe I can get something done about all of that tomorrow :)

photo is by unknown.

tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Vintage Wall Signs

I have long been looking for something to hang on my kitchen wall, but just never found the "perfect" item... untill now...

I bought these when I got my pay, and they just arrived. They weren't even expensive, bought on ebay for near to nothing :) And I love them! The colour is perfect, and the sayings I LOVE....They fit me because, "Dreams Coem True" is really what happend when I found my cottage. It was ment to be, my perfect place!!! And I have never felt as happy as I do here!
"Happiness is spending the day with friends", it really is :) I love having friends over. Wether it's friends that live far away and I don't get to see as much as I'd like, or friends like the O-man, just lounged in my chair reading, or watching tv while I make us dinner...
the last one says "Hsopitality, Sit long, talk much"... My door is always open to friends!!! For talks, coffee or just to be...

I also could not resist this, one of my new favorite flowers... my cats have eaten and destroyed 3 of my new flowers I got a few weeks ago! Money down the drain. I will try not to get the same type again... they seem to love certain ones! Sigh...Tomorrow I go back to work, 50%... If that works out fine then I will be back full time on monday! I really hope so! This staying at home thing is simply not for me!

It's been a rough week... Both me and the O-man alittle bummed out, for no real aparent reason. And we need eacother to cheer up the other... ha ha... but it's good to have a best friend either way! Then this weekend, I had Julie over from Oslo. It was great, untill my well decided to run dry! Yup, no water! Just gurgeling brown rust... greatness!!! So I had to wait for the well to fill up...meaning no morning coffee, no dishes gets washed, no showers and melting snow for handwashes after using the outhouse! ha ha... thank goodness I have one of those though eh?
But the water is back... I just have to be alittle careful how much I use now during winter...

Does anyone else miss long summer nights now?!??? Lanterns lit and wine in the glass... sigh... I surely do! And this summer I hope to have a fairytale-lit garden :) Better than last year!

Have a great day everyone!

fredag 12. februar 2010

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

We've all heard that saying right, and I am sure it applies. To books as well as people... and I am all for the people part :)

But... when it comes to books... I am a sucker for a pretty cover... And no wonder really. When I am browsing for books, there are millions of titles out there, I cannot take time to read each and every blurb on the backcover. So you get attracted my the covers... Sometimes it works well, sometimes it dont... But I LOVE books. Not just reading them, but touching them, looking at them, smelling them...and collecting them. The find of a new book is like a new friend!!! I Cant remember when I last did not read a book.... I finnish one and start one, the very same minute. But I always just read one at the time. Sink myself into it's pages!

Here are some favorite covers... and books...

And here are some that I have ordered, and waiting to read

Have a great weekend everyone :)

onsdag 10. februar 2010

Lure Jewelry!

Becuase I am still not back at work, and bored to insanity... I made some jewelry for my sister... It's made of scrap-accessories found all over. And fishing lures. Most of these were found in the river, me and my sister snorkel for the all summer. Or in old fishingbags left at my grandmothers attic :)
The picture is rubbish I know... The pearls are not even really black. But darker shades of purple, green and teal...

I'm bubbeling over with ideas for my garden this season... and I am so ready for spring to come around. Which of course is reflected on my dining table!
This rusted little lantern was bought at yesterday. After I was at the doc's office, I went back to work to say hallo. God I cannot wait to start work again by the way! I really miss it :) Anyhow... I was actually going to have it for a candle, but when I got home I saw that this plant just fittet it perfectly!
Hopefully I will be back to work on monday, and my great family and friends will keep me entertained this weekend. So I hope you all have a wonderful time!

søndag 7. februar 2010

Ebay Treasures...

I hunt ebay every day for treasures... I've gotten hold of so much there, that you simply couldnt get anywhere else... My newest treasure is this...
Unfortunatly they are being shipped to my sister in England. Which means that I might not get them untill this summer... or if I am lucky, and she has room, easter...
Not entirely sure where they'll go yet. But I am thinking maybe the porch or the hallway :)

I so cannot wait untill spring now, untill it's hot enough for me to enjoy the porch-life once again!
And I cant wait to get a new car, so that I am mobile once again...

have a brilliant day everyone!

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fredag 5. februar 2010


I bought a miniature Orchid the other day, and placed it in my white terrarium... Looks cool doesnt it?I am so bored these days. Was in a carcrash, so I have a whiplashed neck keeping me at home from work. I am seriously daying of boredom! Ha ha.... And I cant do much either... Get dizzy and headaches all the time. And try to do stuff that doesnt make everything worse.... sigh...
And seeing as it is still sooo much snow out there, I cant really do much except longing for spring... and enjoying my new flowers :)

Hope you all have a great week!