lørdag 14. november 2009

Winter Decor

Well I think autumn is officially over... It is all white outside, and it rumbles as the snow falls off my roof. I am enjoying a lazy weekend at home. Decorating and doing a few rather boring house chores... It was sorely needed after the busy week I've had. I have practically not been home at all...

I bought some wintery flowers and redid the decor on my dining table :)

Right now I am enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the Moomins on tv.. yes I love that show :) And the books :) So enjoyable!
Tomorrow I'll try to do some more finnishing touches on my porch...
In between laundry and doing dishes of course... sigh!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

søndag 8. november 2009

the Village in my Window

So the zink houses that I bought has arrived... I am still not sure if they are just yule to me, or if they are all year around... If I do decide to only have them out for yule/winter... then this is a bit early of course... but I couldnt help myself... I love them!!!
The glass tree was bought seperatly, but I thought it worked so well with the village :)
I am having a semi busy sunday, with lots and lots and loads of laundry to do... but I am taking some time to slack back on my sofa as well.... seeing as the rest of my days "off" will be spent working... hurray!!!
Hope you all have a great sunday!!! It's gray and wet and cold here... I actually liked it better when it was snow!!!

søndag 1. november 2009


Yesterday was Samhain... I had invited people over for dinner, and decorated with carved orange skins and black candleholders :)
Thank you to dad for making my table larger for the day :) And thank you to mum for helping me clean the house. And both she and Libby helped me cooked :)

Outside was my carved pumkin of course, but I couldnt get a proper shot of it. But I have shown it on here before :)

It was a great night, lots of laughter and fun! During the night it snowed... so now my world has gone from autumn to winter in a few hours. It looks nice though :) Allthough I wish I could have autumn alittle more...

Friday I went to see "Walking with Dinosaurs, the Arena Spectacular"... it was incredible!!! Life sized dino robots walking around, feeding and roaring... they looked so real it was hard to remember they were not! Really great!!! Espcially for a wee Paleontology witch like myself... ha ha

I have also ordered my zink house village! I couldnt resist! So there are now 5 different houses comming my way. From Boligfryd ;)

Have a great sunday, mine will soon be spent at the stable :)