onsdag 21. april 2010

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lørdag 17. april 2010

Inspirational Gallery

Having a bit of a downer saturday, so I went through my many files of inspiration to make me feel slightly better :D

It worked, as always... so I wanted to share with you all. Most pictures from Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and The Sweetest Occasion

Love that tiny bell jar!!! :D

Just one of those truly magical settings...

Lovely idea with the hanging jars of flowers!

Paper flowers and baulbs of glass... vintage and stunning!

Love the runner made out of moss :D

Love the colours they've used here...

So vintage, magical and whimsical!!

Hope you enjoyed it as well :D Have a great Sunday and Saturday night!

søndag 11. april 2010

a Weekend of Many Things

What a weekend! No less than FOUR fleamarkets, one garden show and alot of sunny weather!

It has been great. The first fleamarkets of the season and I picked up some goodies. And today we went to the garden show and looked around. Even got to visit the stands of "Gro's Hage" and "Fransk Landliv" It was fantastic!!!

From one of the stands at the garden show.

After that dad took us sightseeing in Oslo. And we saw a Oslo I never knew excisted... filled with crooked little houses and streets filled with artists... it was brilliant. We almost felt like we had escaped Norway alltogther and were on our own little mini vacation...

I have some pictures that I will show you. Not nearly everything that I picked up this weekend is on here, but I will show you stuff later on... Some needs to be painted and dealt with :)

This was a gift from my mum... I have wanted one for AGES! And I love it to bits :) So funny... and finally a weather forcast that WORKS!!! Ha ha....

Translated it says
- String hanging down = Good weather
- String swaying = Windy
- String horizontal = Stormy
- String dry = Dry weather
- String white = Snowstorm
- String stiff = Frost
- String invisble = Foggy
- String gone = Hurricane


I got this sign from my sister, which now hangs by my front door. Of course it should have been plural, but hey :) I still like it!

Bought this tiiiiny lantern at the Garden show.. LOVE the colour...

The books were found at one of the fleamarkets, and simply bought because they look darn nice :p I like old books in my decor... The greegate tablecloth was bought at the garden show :D

My potted tulips have come to life :D I love them!

In addition I bought a very nice stool that I will paint and put new apholstery on, an old wicker basket, an seagreen bottle, some kitchen utsensils (they're not pretty pretty, but very usable :) and a dark wooden candleholder... as well as some assorted small funky spice jars. Dont know what the plan with those are yet though :D
More of my findings will be shown later on...
I hope you all had a great weekend as well :D

tirsdag 6. april 2010

to Paint... or not to Paint

When I first bought my dark brown buffè I did in fact intend to paint it white. Perhaps distress it. But then I decided to try it out in dark brown, as it was... and it worked!!! It looks really well...

However... maybe I am getting alittle bored with it. I want something more eyecatching... something alittle different! And something another colour than the codes I have used to for the rest of the room... So I am thinking of maybe paint it in layers. White, maybe alittle turwqouise and then green to finnish. And then sand it down and distress it so that all the colours will come through... hmmmm

Maybe in the lines of these colours here.... What do you think?

the inspirational images has been gathered over the years. And I have no recollection of where I got them. Sorry. But if you do recognize any, please let me know and I will link it :D

søndag 4. april 2010

Mr. Toad, Me, My sister and a car named Monty!

Right... so I have a just had a delightful couple of days! My wonderful girl Mille came around on saturday evening. We had junkfood, loads of wine and vampire movies galore :D It as great... slept untill we woke from cats stepping on our faces (yep they do that). We made breakfast pancakes and then later had coffee and waffels with her mum and Mille's two cute boys. It was great. Just chatting and relaxing! And just being together. We dont to see eacother as much as we'd like .... unfortunatly. Me and her mum try so hard to get them to move closer to us... we miss them so so much when they are not here.

I then had an amazing dinner with my family, and Libby's german family that's visiting... before me and my sister decided to go on a roadtrip as we sometimes do... in her car... Monty! Monty is a ford, a green one mind you! And we headed off in search of cool houses... (we do this, drive around looking at houses... we have an addiction...) so with Monty we went, music blazing... first stop as an old factory, where there was a container full of junk... junk... or not junk? That is the question and it had to be looked into... out of the junk came a fantastic zinc, factory chic, shelving unit... and into the car it went... with alot of will... because it was NOT very small.... o.O So with a huge piece of junk in the car we were off again... this shelf will play a lead part in my sister's kitchen-to-be... I am her self proclaimed designer for her home-to-be... and this just worked so perfect with my vision of her kitchen-to-be... retro fifties diner/ factory chic! Yepp....Then... e got stuck in the muc... and I literally had to slide her out of it... sporting a mud-spotted outfit afterards... from head to toe... and laughing so hard we nearly died... and Monty got too hot... boiling in fact... Eva says... when off with Monty always bring a good old book for when Monty needs to cool down!!! We decided as we got on the road again it was time for heading home... our easter adventure over for now...

But it was a hoot... doesnt take alot to entertain two hillbilly chic chicks!!! And mama got a nice laugh when we carried in our fetched treasure... as she could NOT see the beauty in it, nor my vision of grande! Ah well... we will show her we will!!!! :D

But she does like this!!! I made mama a little still life in a glass cloche that she bought the other day, along with a most adorable jeweled toad (I would LOVE to have one for myself).... I added the moss, and old key, a twig (that has somehow started blooming in the cloche!!! How cool!!!!) and some of my grans old earclips!!! I loved how it came out... and I think mama enjoyes it as well!!!

Have a great weekend and easter still!!!

lørdag 3. april 2010

A Touch of Easter

I don't decorate for easter the way I do for Yuletime, but thankfully my colours of choice work well with yellows and other spring colours :) Nib is having another contest going, for us to show our easter decor, and I wanted to participate.... I love bunnies... they are the essence of easter to me, a figure of joy, fertility and life... and they are mighty cute!
I just love using uniqe things for planters... like this very old gravy bowl and the measurecup :)My extremely, sickening talented sister shot these two pictures for me!!! Love her!!! She's taken some more, and I will be showing those later :)
Chocolate eggs in a green figgjo saucer :D Simple and beautiful!

And here, simply a few yellow flowers in my kitchen, planted in a spring-ish cup :DEaster so far has been nice, thursday was family lunch with blood relatives, chosen family and family of our "adopted" sister Libby from Germany... nine people around my table... Today I am having my super duper friend Mille over, we're drinking buckets of wine and enjoying Twilight on dvd I'm guessing. And talking about interior decor..ALOT!!! I cant wait. Tomorrow will be stable "duty" with the O-man, getting it all ready for spring :) I hope the weater will be okay (at least no downfall from the skies in any form) so that we can enjoy ourselv alittle while working!

I had tied this yellow ribbon around Huldra's neck, but she got it off in less than 20 sec and then looked at me whit this look here... obvioulsy not very happy about being my black easter kitten with a bow >.< *giggles*I hope you all have an excellent Easter as well :)

fredag 26. mars 2010

Gone missing...

Have I? Well it sure looks like it here in blogglandia doesnt it... Truth is that March has simply been crazy! When I finally got well I decided to do the great spring cleaning and wash all walls, ceilings and floors... and once I was done with the downstairs rooms (with the excellent help from my mother and Libby) the well decided to dry up on me again... sigh... so for the past week I have had no water.. And I have people comming over for easter... and I REALLY need to clean down my bedroom/bathroom... To top it off I have worked long long hours untill late at night, all week more or less... and have not had time to even do the dishes! (besides... no water). Now that the so called weekend is here I have to work saturday and I have stable duty tonight as well as tomorrw night... and I have people over on sunday allready! o.O

CRAAAAZY stressed out is what I am...

But I hope to get alot sorted next week... and can enjoy the spring celebrations... Ostara, the spring equinox has obvioulsy allready been and gone, and the proper easter for me, which is Beltane, celebrating fertility (hence the hare and the eggs, and the colour yellow!!!) isn't really before may 1st... but there is alot of days off during christian easter, so it is the perfect days for gathering family and friends... and a great big luncheon will be held at Dragonfly Cottage on thursday :D That will be nice... which gives me monday and tuesday to catch up on everything...

If I survive the visit on sunday that is... o.O

And I hope I get to read alot :) Dive into my books and just stay there for a while... allready been reading some excellent books this year. To follow my reading list for 2010 with reviews on books ect ect, please follow this link: Tee's Reading List 2010

Enjoy the holidays ahead... and I will return more sorted... ;)

todays pictures are from weheartit.com

fredag 5. mars 2010

Where I dine...

Nib has a challenge out to show our dining area... So here's mine... there is the kitchen nook, and the dining room table :)

My small kitchen table from my great grandfathers farm... I havent done much to it, except clean it alittle. The chairs were found at a fleamarket, and painted.
It is not a big table, and only seat two really...
But I love my little kitchen table whith the big comfy chairs...

And here is a few pictures of my diningroom... Where we eat when there's more than two :)
And some more close ups of my diningroom table... becuase my wonderful mum bought me flowers :) So it's all sunshiny in there now... or maybe easter came alittle early :p
So there you are, some pictures old, and new from my places to dine :)
I am at home from work after the doctor decided I most probably have mononucleosis & a touch of pneumonia. I don't feel very well as you might guess... If I try to do too much I can't catch my breath :( So doctor's orders is to sleep alot, and take it very easy... But at least now I know why I have been ill for a while.... And I really hope this is the last of the big bumps in my road during 2010... I feel like I have had my share now... with the carcrash, whiplash and all... BLAH!
It must be uphill from here :) Have a nice weekend everyone... :)

fredag 26. februar 2010

I wish for a......

Picket fence!

Oh yes I do..., with a quaint, romantic garden gate :) Come summer I hope to get my dream come true. I don't think it will be all that conventional, and I am toying with the idea of useing different sized leftover wood... :) Which I have alot of... Either way, I imagine it will be a nice framing to my beloved cottage :)

So I have been collecting images for some time, for inspiration. Most of these were simply googled, so if you recognize any as yours, or someone elses. Let me know and I will give credit where credit is due.

(image from calfinder.com)

Oh I long for summer.... but it is STILL SNOWING !!!! Havent we had enough allready?! But I have heart rumours about getting milder, WARM degrees next week... could it mean that the thaw is coming? finally??

mandag 22. februar 2010


I have been away this weekend, and I came home to a house full of dead flowers and plants!!! Hmmm now all my windowsill look empty and sad :( And even my greens in the birdcage has whitered! Hmmmpf... seems I must ivest in some flowers when I get paid... sigh!!! At least a couple!!!

It's alittle dusty and .... just messy here... nothing to blog about eh? Ha ha... well maybe I can get something done about all of that tomorrow :)

photo is by unknown.

tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Vintage Wall Signs

I have long been looking for something to hang on my kitchen wall, but just never found the "perfect" item... untill now...

I bought these when I got my pay, and they just arrived. They weren't even expensive, bought on ebay for near to nothing :) And I love them! The colour is perfect, and the sayings I LOVE....They fit me because, "Dreams Coem True" is really what happend when I found my cottage. It was ment to be, my perfect place!!! And I have never felt as happy as I do here!
"Happiness is spending the day with friends", it really is :) I love having friends over. Wether it's friends that live far away and I don't get to see as much as I'd like, or friends like the O-man, just lounged in my chair reading, or watching tv while I make us dinner...
the last one says "Hsopitality, Sit long, talk much"... My door is always open to friends!!! For talks, coffee or just to be...

I also could not resist this, one of my new favorite flowers... my cats have eaten and destroyed 3 of my new flowers I got a few weeks ago! Money down the drain. I will try not to get the same type again... they seem to love certain ones! Sigh...Tomorrow I go back to work, 50%... If that works out fine then I will be back full time on monday! I really hope so! This staying at home thing is simply not for me!

It's been a rough week... Both me and the O-man alittle bummed out, for no real aparent reason. And we need eacother to cheer up the other... ha ha... but it's good to have a best friend either way! Then this weekend, I had Julie over from Oslo. It was great, untill my well decided to run dry! Yup, no water! Just gurgeling brown rust... greatness!!! So I had to wait for the well to fill up...meaning no morning coffee, no dishes gets washed, no showers and melting snow for handwashes after using the outhouse! ha ha... thank goodness I have one of those though eh?
But the water is back... I just have to be alittle careful how much I use now during winter...

Does anyone else miss long summer nights now?!??? Lanterns lit and wine in the glass... sigh... I surely do! And this summer I hope to have a fairytale-lit garden :) Better than last year!

Have a great day everyone!