søndag 11. april 2010

a Weekend of Many Things

What a weekend! No less than FOUR fleamarkets, one garden show and alot of sunny weather!

It has been great. The first fleamarkets of the season and I picked up some goodies. And today we went to the garden show and looked around. Even got to visit the stands of "Gro's Hage" and "Fransk Landliv" It was fantastic!!!

From one of the stands at the garden show.

After that dad took us sightseeing in Oslo. And we saw a Oslo I never knew excisted... filled with crooked little houses and streets filled with artists... it was brilliant. We almost felt like we had escaped Norway alltogther and were on our own little mini vacation...

I have some pictures that I will show you. Not nearly everything that I picked up this weekend is on here, but I will show you stuff later on... Some needs to be painted and dealt with :)

This was a gift from my mum... I have wanted one for AGES! And I love it to bits :) So funny... and finally a weather forcast that WORKS!!! Ha ha....

Translated it says
- String hanging down = Good weather
- String swaying = Windy
- String horizontal = Stormy
- String dry = Dry weather
- String white = Snowstorm
- String stiff = Frost
- String invisble = Foggy
- String gone = Hurricane


I got this sign from my sister, which now hangs by my front door. Of course it should have been plural, but hey :) I still like it!

Bought this tiiiiny lantern at the Garden show.. LOVE the colour...

The books were found at one of the fleamarkets, and simply bought because they look darn nice :p I like old books in my decor... The greegate tablecloth was bought at the garden show :D

My potted tulips have come to life :D I love them!

In addition I bought a very nice stool that I will paint and put new apholstery on, an old wicker basket, an seagreen bottle, some kitchen utsensils (they're not pretty pretty, but very usable :) and a dark wooden candleholder... as well as some assorted small funky spice jars. Dont know what the plan with those are yet though :D
More of my findings will be shown later on...
I hope you all had a great weekend as well :D

2 kommentarer:

Monica Helén sa...

Når var dere i Oslo? På søndag? Da traska vi også rundt i oslo! hehe..=)
Var rart å kjøre forbi deg flere ganger i helgen, og ikke stikke innom, men det var så mye stress atte. OG jeg ville ikke tøye tålmodigheten til david, for er det noen som er MØKK lei å kjøre, er det nettopp han. Hehe..=)

Koselige bilder! Og skiltet vil virkelig komme godt fram når huset ditt blir svart..=)


Karin sa...

det kan jeg fikse vettu
vi skal snart bestille derfra nå
mener du kopp og skål? eller frokost asjett?
ses vi på loppis på lørda kanskje?

sånn vær stasjon har jeg og =)