lørdag 18. april 2009

Flea Market Kick Off

Finally!!! After a long cold winter, you finally see the spring arriving... and with it comes the flea markets! Today was my first one of the season. Me and my ma went all hyped up... treasure hunting...
It's always a bet wether or not there will be any good stuff for us to haul home... Sometimes you get dissapointed... But today we sure didnt! Right away we hit jackpot... when we spotted two wonderflul ornated side tables... two in a pair.. one for me... and one for ma!!! :)
I am gonna paint mine, mostly because it has allready had bad painjob of kinds. Ma's was still in its original dark wood. So she is keeping hers as it is.... And it looks great next to my sofa!!!! Hurray!!! Exactly what I was looking for....But we found more... Soooo much more.... Just have a looksie!

Cute Figgjo plates... 5nok each... I bought two :)

A brass lamp... which will be done over of course :) I am seeing silver soon :) :) :) and with a pretty shade... I think I might have something... 30nok for this one...
A side table/cabinet!!! With some paint and a knew knob... it will be brilliant... It is going to be in my library... so I am not entirely sure if or how I will paint it... I might just wear it down alot... 100nok :)
Another chair for my diningroom... it will be painted like the rest of course... I did wonder if I should have kept it white. But no, it will look better with the same colours as the rest of them... 50nok

I also bought a few bits and pieces and a large shelf for my plates... Its alot bigger than the one I allready have... so that should be interesting... I got it for a bargain at 30nok... I have seen these sold online for as much as 1000nok... so yeah...

Ma found alot of fun stuff as well, and just as we were about to leave... something very special jumped at us... and we just HAD to have it.... ma found this...
yes... a yellow rain hat!!! Ha ha... she even looks half good in it :)
And I found this... which I imediatly knew I had to give too my uncle...
I have never seen anything similar!!! Headlights, with a leather strap and a separate, large, battery.... wires everywhere... and the two lamps can be moved around... and with a pair of super-glasses from former fleamarkets... he looks like a cartoon character... Uncle Beetle!!! Ha ha... we lauged so hard we couldnt really breathe.

Well that was my wonderful saturday for now... I'm going to a birthday party tonight so I better get my body into the shower and get ready!!!

Have a fun weekend everyone!!!

mandag 13. april 2009

Spring get together!

So it's easter... and five whole days off from work! Hurray!!! I had a great time, read some great books... and on friday I had family and friends over for lunch. It was alot of fun, good times and good food, if I may say so myself... Ma helped of course, and my sister... and of course Arwen. Our former exchange student from Germany that came over to visit!!! Good times all around...

I set up a sort of buffet at the kitchen counter, and on my kitchen table... Alot fo food... I always make way too much and always worry I dont have enough... ha ha...

My sister took all the photos of course... And I just love taking out all my Figgjo and use it. Instead of it collecting dust in the cabinets...
And for dessert I had fruit cake... with vanilla custard. Everyone loves this cake. Its so easy to make and so easy to eat... Dad and siss had a friendly fight over the last piece... and one time I made this... Ole almost ate a whole one by himself! Crazy man...
you know what else is great about these get togethers? Hostess gifts!!! Don't you just love them... My aunt brought me this as a move in present... and it was something completely "useless" but wonderful!!! Just what I love...
and here I am, snapped unnoticed opening one of two boxes...
and the treasures inside were these two lovely tealight holders with whimsical cats!!! They look their very best out on my porch, the colours being so lively and match so well with the garden feeling! LOVE them!!! Thank you!!!
I also got two green polkadot coffee cups from Arwen, but missed taking a pic.. so those will be posted later! They are brilliant too... and really good to drink from :) Thanks Arwen!

After eating, some of the guests left and the ones left went for a discovery trip... I hadn't ever gone walking around my new home... so it was alot of fun seeing what kind of paths we could take... It was a great walk, just what we needed after all that munching! Ha ha... From left you see me, my dad, ma, Arwen, my aunt Jenny and her dog. And my sister in green!
I just love this picture, we found this along the road on our walk... and I am a sucker for mushrooms!then there are just some snapshots from around the house, before everyone arrived :) My sister is so talented... everything looks so crisp and clean and right out of a magazine :p

my kitchen window :) With yellow flowers, symbolizing spring :)

I saw these bunnies in the flowershp and just had to have a couple... this one rests in my pelagonia in the kitchen window... arent they adorable?
flowers and candles in my livingroom window... I love the perspective of this one.
and my other lovingrom window... just love that the candles are lit really :p
the doorknocker of Dragonfly Cottage :) Bought this years ago and hung on it, knowing one day I could hang it at my front door.. .
My old stove in the kitchen... that all for today... Back to work tomorrow... and I should really have been in bed a long time ago allready... :)
Have a good week... next weekend I am hitting the first flea market of the season! I am so excited :)

søndag 5. april 2009

If you close you're eyes... you cant see the snow....

.... and that was the wise word from me today.
I picked my sister up after work on saturday and she decided to stay for a few nights. Saturday night I was so tired I ended up going to bed before 10pm! Ha ha... what great company I am... But we woke on sunday morning, cuddled the cats in bed and went downstairs to great sunshine comming in through the window and we decided to make american pancakes for breakfast... and to eat it outside on the porch... We sat it all up with flowers and everything nice ;) And just stayed... for hours!!! It was great, so relaxing... the cats were in and out all day, playing, and hunting!!! In general it was brilliant and just so relaxing!
I finnished the other lantern too... painted it in greens and teals... but I dont have any pics of it today... so anyhow, let me just show you our blissful day in the sun.... Becuase pictures says more than a thousand words anyway...

My sister, the photographer, took all the pics... of course!

My porch, the breakfast table :) Isnt it lovely... forget the snow in the bacground... it isnt really there!!! I promise!

What can possibly be better than breakfast in the spring sun?!
Want some? When I was sitting there in the sun I dreamt of so many ideas for my porch and garden... I cant wait to be able to be out there alot more :) All day!
the winter wrath has been changed for my home made spring pentagram... a proper wrath for a wee witch like myself... and I love how happy it makes me :)
See how Hexa is enjoying herself in the sun?
Not to mention Huldra...
and the best surprise?! A brand new, the first ever, Tussialgo farfara at the backwall of my house!!! SPRING IS HERE!!!!
Just a few of my indoor flowers... :) They look so crisp through my sister's lense!
and last... my favorite picture of today... Hexa enjoying the sun... the colours all match her perfectly, and to me... she just looks like a queen... a lioness in her right element!!! My pretty Hexa... I hope you all had a great weekend too!!! Now I am off to bed, becuase there are still 3 more days before easter time off!!! Hurray!!!

see you soon!