søndag 5. april 2009

If you close you're eyes... you cant see the snow....

.... and that was the wise word from me today.
I picked my sister up after work on saturday and she decided to stay for a few nights. Saturday night I was so tired I ended up going to bed before 10pm! Ha ha... what great company I am... But we woke on sunday morning, cuddled the cats in bed and went downstairs to great sunshine comming in through the window and we decided to make american pancakes for breakfast... and to eat it outside on the porch... We sat it all up with flowers and everything nice ;) And just stayed... for hours!!! It was great, so relaxing... the cats were in and out all day, playing, and hunting!!! In general it was brilliant and just so relaxing!
I finnished the other lantern too... painted it in greens and teals... but I dont have any pics of it today... so anyhow, let me just show you our blissful day in the sun.... Becuase pictures says more than a thousand words anyway...

My sister, the photographer, took all the pics... of course!

My porch, the breakfast table :) Isnt it lovely... forget the snow in the bacground... it isnt really there!!! I promise!

What can possibly be better than breakfast in the spring sun?!
Want some? When I was sitting there in the sun I dreamt of so many ideas for my porch and garden... I cant wait to be able to be out there alot more :) All day!
the winter wrath has been changed for my home made spring pentagram... a proper wrath for a wee witch like myself... and I love how happy it makes me :)
See how Hexa is enjoying herself in the sun?
Not to mention Huldra...
and the best surprise?! A brand new, the first ever, Tussialgo farfara at the backwall of my house!!! SPRING IS HERE!!!!
Just a few of my indoor flowers... :) They look so crisp through my sister's lense!
and last... my favorite picture of today... Hexa enjoying the sun... the colours all match her perfectly, and to me... she just looks like a queen... a lioness in her right element!!! My pretty Hexa... I hope you all had a great weekend too!!! Now I am off to bed, becuase there are still 3 more days before easter time off!!! Hurray!!!

see you soon!

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Detta så jammen koselig ut:) Skikkelig påskestemning!! Må jo være snø også da ;)
Gleder meg til fredag, håper været holder!!
Klem fra Queen Bee

Monica sa...

Hei jenta..:)
Så koselig innlegg..:) Må virkelig ha vært herlig å sitte der ute å spise ja..:) Heldig du som har en sånn bitteliten veranda med tak over.. *vil ha* For ikke å snakke om FRED OG RO, for det er det ikke her....
Har jeg sagt at jeg digger layouten din? Den er SÅ DEG! Hihi..:) Men det er jo alt du gjør da..:)
Gleder meg til å se verandaen ferdig etterhvert..:)
Klems, Mille


Ser ut som du og kattene nyter våren! Fortsett å kose dere!

Anonym sa...

Du må skrive mye mer og oftere.
Det er så koselig å lese.

Klem fra Queen Bee ;)))

Anonym sa...
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