torsdag 31. desember 2009


I have no internet at the moment, so while waiting for dad's fabulous new years dinner... I figured I could post... I am going to do a proper new year run through :)

January 2009I move into the Cottage along with my cat Hexa. Later we are joined by my new cat Huldra. It takes a while for the two of them to accept eacother... but they do... eventually. It was a winter of insanely amounts of snow, and I spend alot of days with my mum, shuffeling it about!
Febuary 2009
I continue to live into my cottage, and loving every moment. My dear friend Monica comes to see me, and we have a great time with lots of wine...March 2009Spring moves in!!! At least indoors.... I love getting the place ready for Spring :) The cats get to venture out for the first time ever here, and they are loving it!!! Playing around in the snow and freshining up their fur!
April 2009 The years first outdoor breakfast at the porch! Oh the utter bliss!!! It was also time for Eostra (easter) and I had the whole family over for a buffe... great times!!!
May 2009May 17th I had family over for dinner, and we had a quiet celebration. Our former exchange student, Arwen, from Germany came to see us. Which was fun! I also got to live out a few of my ideas, decorating with moss... This was also the month I started my new job as a specs saleswoman!June 2009Summer comes sprinting along and the weather is unbeliavly hot. I go to England, driving through Europe, with my parents... just so we can pick up my sister in Bornemouth :) It was hot hot hot, and alot of fun too! All the horses had their babies, and I especially fell in love with this one. Jahrs Independent Diva... the little princess!!! I also won this wonderful birdcage :) Lucky lucky me!!! I was so thrilled!!! July 2009
July was busy and rather wet, if I recall it correctly... My sister was home and snapped some really nice pictures of me in my witch hat..August 2009August was fun... it was still summer... and slowely the fleamarkets started.,... which is every shabby chic chick's favorite place for treasure hunts! And my favorite season moved into my livingroom as well :) Our new exchange student arrived... Lioba from germany!!! One crazy wacko girl that we all imidiatly loved!September 2009September is the most beautiful of months, with harvest and the golden light... And lots of amazing moss!!!
October 2009October with all its glory! Samhain and preperations for that.... A great month!November 2009the Samhain dinner table was actually posted in November, so thats why its here... November went by longing for Yule... and waiting for my birthday...
Desember 2009I started decorating outside pretty early. I was rather busy at work, and was alittle behind on gifts... this has never happend before, but yule still came. And as is tradition my first tree was decorated on the day of the Winter Solstice.. the real yule for me!
That was my little run through of 2009... Thank you everyone for your visits, comments and inspiration!!! Have a brilliant new year, and all the best wishes from me and the cats!

Last I give you a large picture with some of my very favorite inspirations for my home, garden ect ect... if you see a picture that is yours, I never ment to steal it. It only means you inspired me! And I save all my inspirations of the computer for later use :) So I hope you feel honored and not angry ;)


fredag 25. desember 2009

a Magical Season

So the Yule celebrations are upon us all... family has arrived home (my sister made the last plane from London to Norway), food has been consumed (my mum's christmas dinner is the best) and the gifts have been dutifully opened and awed upon. Seems I have been a good girl this year as well :)

The outside of the Cottage, in the dark, with candles buring and lighting the way :)We put up my tree here in the Cottage on Winter Soltice of course, as is my tradition... And my sister the photographer dutifully did her part in capturing the magic...A "tree portrait". My fir tree was decorated in red, silver and little white... the star at the top is a genuine vintage star from 1958, the year my mother was born. She has the same one, given to her by her mother. I always loved that star... and last year I was incredibly lucky enough to fine one at an antique shop. The owner of the store gave it to me for free :)I had some many baulbs I decided to use some inside my cloche as well... And I thought it looked really nice :)My turquoise shoeshine box has been decorated for yule as well :) I love that I had faith in teals and reds going well together for yule. As so much of my decor is in teal/turquoise colours... And it works so WELL :)I imagine quite alot of Norwegian interior bloggers has bought this amazing silver rocking horse... so cheap! And so pretty!!! Even my lantern is dressed up with a vintage santa from a fleamarket this summer :)Mercury silver and alittle red on my silver tray in the corner... I had my family over to help out and I served them christmas porridge... The ever so lovely collection of zinc houses in my window :) I love them!!! Well all of these amazing photographs from my Cottage was taken by my ever so talented sister and her superb camera :) Styling was all done by me... and from all of us to all of you, a very merry christmas!

p.s. Huldra has made it home and is curled up on my lap as we speak.... ;)

lørdag 19. desember 2009


My dear cat Huldra has been missing since monday... and it's very cold here in Norway now... 22 below celcius... I am worried sick!!! Sigh... all I want for yule is my sweet sweet cat back safe and sound...

søndag 6. desember 2009

the Princess and the Pea

Someone here knows just how to cope with the stress of christmas :) :) :)
ah to be a cat :)

fredag 4. desember 2009

Yule time on the porch...

I am home with the flu and I'm incredibly bored... so I went outside in the snow and shot some photos of my decorated porch... It is hard taking pics in the semi dark... so 90% didnt exactly turn out... Too bad really because the ones that REALLY showed off my porch, and I am really proud of it, didnt come out... My sister will have to the job when she arrives home :)

But enjoy the ones that I did get... with the awful flash >.<

The apples are real from my mama's tree... and they look so magical now that they are frosted!!!

The gorgeous pots are from Kid (I think) and I just put evergreen in them... it will keep all winter and look amazing! :) It smells good too!!!Tomorrow if I'm up for it, I will decorate alittle indoors for Yule!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!