fredag 4. desember 2009

Yule time on the porch...

I am home with the flu and I'm incredibly bored... so I went outside in the snow and shot some photos of my decorated porch... It is hard taking pics in the semi dark... so 90% didnt exactly turn out... Too bad really because the ones that REALLY showed off my porch, and I am really proud of it, didnt come out... My sister will have to the job when she arrives home :)

But enjoy the ones that I did get... with the awful flash >.<

The apples are real from my mama's tree... and they look so magical now that they are frosted!!!

The gorgeous pots are from Kid (I think) and I just put evergreen in them... it will keep all winter and look amazing! :) It smells good too!!!Tomorrow if I'm up for it, I will decorate alittle indoors for Yule!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

3 kommentarer:

Monica sa...

Ser skikkelig koselig ut ja! =)
Trist vi ikke har noe snø her, det hadde vært koselig, bare det å kunne ake litt... jaja..

Erin sa...

Such a pretty porch!! I love all the details! I hope it's not too cold out there so you can enjoy all of it's beauty!

Feel better soon!! :)

Lisa sa...

Looks so pretty! I hope you feel better soon.