tirsdag 19. januar 2010

For the Love of.....

TURQUOISE... of course....
Just like so many others I feel alittle excited that this divine colour has been chosen the colour of 2010... My home is dedicated to soft turqouises, greens, seafoam and teal. I have long loved these colours and adore most every shade there is.

So in the spirit of turquoise I want to share with you some pictures found near and far off the net. I do not have links, sorry. These were collected over many years... Allthough, if you do recognize any of them as yours or the site it came from, do not hesitate to let me know! :)
The renovations outside my home includes a turquoise door :) I cannot wait!!!

And here are some details from my own home :)Enjoy your turquoise year ;)

torsdag 14. januar 2010

challenge; Show off your Coffe/tea caddy

Maliva has a challenge going on, where we're to show off our coffee boxes, or tea caddies... So here is mine...
I found my coffee tin at the local antique shop. The colour was just too darn perfect to turn down. The wooden box is where I keep my filters. And in the alminium drawers I keep tea. Loose tea, bags of tea and some flavoured coffee too :) The old wooden coffee grinder belonged to my grand aunt Anne. :) So it's very special to me!!!
And becuase I am a severe coffee addict I will never ever get rid of my Moccamaster! It simply makes the best coffee there is... and it has timeless design...

Now I am off to see all the other coffee tins out there :)

tirsdag 12. januar 2010

Spring Fling Colours

I had a bit of a shopping spree and bought bunches of spring flowers... aaaah!!! All signs of xmas is now out the window!!!
I had to use awful flash to get into focus... which anoys me.. And the very best window was in fact impossible to photgraph at all, except for some details... sigh...

Look at that beautiful winter scenery outside... but its all spring inside!
I've had a busy day. Got up at five-ish this morning to go milking the cows with the O-man, then had stable duty before picking ma up and taking her back to the cottage. She helped me carry out the xmas tree and clean :) Yay!!!
My diningtable has gotten pink and yellow flowers... I am not too satisfied with the decor here at the moment.. I had it visioned differently in my head. So I think it will change slightly...
Well I hope you all have a good week. I'm back at work tomorrow. And heading on for a super busy week, ending in a Horse Show this weekend. Where I will be the speaker. Nervous about that, though I am sure it'll be fine :)


søndag 10. januar 2010

New Kitchen Shelves

I was ment to go milking with the O-man this morning, but when the alarm went off at ten to five, I had not slept for even a minute. And I felt horrible, so poor Ole had to go all by himself, while I snuggled back in under the covers! I'm sure he'll forgive, in time ;) After all thats what friends do.

So when I finally did get some sleep, I picked up my car from the garage, now it has an engine heater installed, and will hopefully start on command forever more!

When I got home I fixed this in my kitchen:

This little shelf was left her from the former owner. It is handmade, and was in that god-awful pine... so I painted it white. A bit shabby I now notice, but thruth is I dont care :)
I hung it next to the door, where it fitted perfectly and voila! I had somewhere to display some more of my Greengate items :)

I had to use the flash to get the pictures in focus... which really anoys me! But well, what can I do...

Some details...
Gosh I love greengate :) It's so bright and lovely! I cant wait to get my hands on a couple of cups from the new pattern :)I hope you all have a brilliant sunday!

torsdag 7. januar 2010


My car won't start... it is 37 below celcius (or 34 below Fahrenheit) and it is WAY too cold for my liking. I should be at work, but becuase I live in the middle of nowhere, I cant just jump on a bus... I have to wait for hours before I bus comes my way... resulting in me being at least 5 hours late for work... fan-bloody-tastic!

It has just been one of those weeks... my patience is as low as the temprature, and everything seems to fall apart...

Hopefully the weekend will be better... and I can start all over again on monday!

so here are some isnpirational pictures I found on Style Me Pretty (no I am not getting married, but they have alot of brilliant ideas for decor :)
so simple, and yet so effective :)

I love the little jewel insects!!! I never thought of using brooches for decor in flowers. I have long used little crystals, but never a brooch like this!

I just love how it looks, and plan on copying this soon!!! It could easily be transformed from autumn to spring!

Well I hope your week is going better than mine anyway...

tirsdag 5. januar 2010

Alittle touch of Spring

Hmmm.... Yule is over, allthough I have not yet cleaned out all the decor... It was my plan today, but stuff got in the way... It will be done this weekend instead :)

But I wanted to show you my new display... I made a ball of moss, and I love how it all turned out :)I bought a sphere of oasis, and attached moss with wire :) Then I dug a hole for the flowers (which rests in a mini flower pot) And attached the zinc house :)I really dont think I can throw out these houses now that yule is over. I'm thinking they will look really cool outside in the summer... ahhh summer and spring... I wish!!! It is still extremely cold outside... and snowy!!! Sigh!

I also changed the layout... again... something simpler and more spring-ish :)

I hope you all have a great week!