onsdag 25. februar 2009

Death of a Greengate Cup

What a rubbish morning!!!! My beloved green cup with white dots from greengate... lost it's handle... so now it's dead... and I dont know where to replace it!!!! if ANYONE knows of a online shop that sells these green coffeecups in Norway.. please please let me know....
I loved that cup :(Here it is... in it's newer days.... poor green coffe cup of mine....

søndag 22. februar 2009

Just another Sunday

Well, it's finally sunday!!! I did plan to get up early, after an early date with the sheets last night, but it didnt work... My alarm clock went off and I killed it before snuggeling down in my soft bed once again... And I didnt surafce again untill it was way past 10am... Well hey, it was a long week... Working saturdays isn't fun, even if the people you work with are cool! So today was my "to-do" day... with a rather long list of chores. It didnt get fulfilled though... I didnt wash the floors... but I did do the dishes and a load of laundry... and shuffled snow... Ma came over for coffee and helped me out with the snow shuffeling. Always alot more fun if you're two....

I also took a few pics of items brought in during the week. Some new figgjo for my ever growing collection... and some spring flowers!

These mokka cups are a different kind from what I have seen before... But they are amazing...
And two cups with saucers and plates... in the background you can see my glass cabinet (one of two) filled with other Figgjo treasures...
just a few more shots... becuase I liked them!!!

And a soupbowl with a lid :)
thats it for figgjo stuff now... I really wish there was a website that I could go and find all the different patterns on (what they are called) allthough I do think I know most of them by now. I have a few rareties that I'd like to know more about... as well as the date these were made... so far I havent seen anything like that..

There was a sale on for crocuses at the mall where I work... I couldnt resist... they are dark purple (I hope)... put them in my little cauldron.... and I thought the little watch made a cute detail... counting down to spring!!!
Mum brought me fresh eggs form her yellow orpingtons... and I thought they looked alot better on the counter, rather than beeing hidden in the fridge!
Not much happend this week.. alot of work basically... and I am trying to "re-potty-train" my kitten... I'm not entirely sure why is being messy now... she was fine to begin with... hm....

also reading a children's book...which EVERYONE that loved "wind in the willows" or Beatrix Potter should read... it is called "Kenny & the Dragon" and is written by Tony DiTerlizzi, my favorite illustrator... the illustartions of course are magicial! Detailed and witty and just fantastic!!!

Have a great sunday everyone!

søndag 15. februar 2009

A Rather Eventful Weekend!


so my weekend started out pretty darn good... Saturday I had old family friends over on saturday, made cake and received wonderful housewarming-gifts!
I'd bought myself roses too. I absolutely love these pale pink roses, mixed with some pine flowers :) And they just fit perfectly into my colour scheme!
Later I went bowling with my best friend Ole and his entire, crazy, family. Which was hillarious! We had so much fun, and I havent been bowling for years! I sucked, but I had fun!!!

But then tragedy hit! Literally! On my way to my parents house today (sunday) I got a slang on my car, hit a car that came the other way... and ended up f'ing up my newly fixed car! Last time it was Ole's fault, this time there was no one to blame but me... I hate icy slick roads!!! And once again I am without a car! Hurray... my trusted mechanic laughed his arse off, as it was only a week ago he finnished my last fix-up (which Ole caused, I'm stressing that!!!)... and now he wanted to know if I needed a bonus card from him... right... and EXPENSIVE!!! siiigh... so that was kind of crap... but I have a wonderful family that helps me out in any way they can... I am so thankful!!! And I see that I was lucky compared to alot of other people in my area today. One woman lost her life in a car accident, and 7 ended up in the hospital in another... All of wich was in my small area! That's SCARY! So take care driving everyone!!!

It helps to come home to my two wonderful cats as well... allthough they had been alittle naughty this time... and I had to clean up! But I still love them! How could I not... just look at them!

I've also managed to hang my last pictures... these bird ones are hung in the diningroom... I am pretty pleased with how they came out....
And these, butterfly ones, are hung in my livingroom... above the tv...
And now, after this rather eventful weekend... I am off to bed, before fighting my way to work tomorrow in a borrowed car... sigh!!!

lørdag 7. februar 2009

Springing into Spring!

Mille juste left, along with ma and pa... and I must say it's all of the sudden very still in my home... But I have lit a million candles (well okay, so there are "only" 34... uhm yeah) and listening to laid back music, sipping some wonderful coffee... and enjoying the sight of my newly decorated dining room... Me and Mille did it... at 3am this morning.. that's how nuts we are... Pictures are taken by Mille, styled by me.

Remember this? This is how the diningroom (and part of the livingroom too) looked like in the prospect. When I first loooked into buying the house. The lady that lived here before left me the sofa, tv and dining table. Which I painted... The colours were all dark and in the 90's. Not to my taste at all....

I started out dreaming of a home that felt like a calm, cool summer's day, all year around... A vision I have carried out to my best effort. And I guess I am very happy with all my finnished rooms, but the dining room is the best example of that vision. Colours are kept in pale pale (almost white) green, egg blue hues, teals and greens. With a few darker details. The "theme" is birds, and I have decorated with birds throughout.
I am still waiting for my chandlier to come up, hopefully dad will do it soon enough... The chairs are painted in two subtly different shades of egg blue. One is called "lavender" a very old colour often found in kitchens from the past.

of course we had our breakfast in the new room... and enjoyed newly bought tulips! The table is painted white by me. It used to be pinewood.

Of course I am a sucker for candles... and we sat there for ages, drinking coffee out of my favorite greengate cups!
Detail shots of my bird cage... I just love that cage... and I have so many ideas for it!
the buffet I bought on finn.no, I was going to paint it... but I have painted *everything* white, and Ole said it started to look very diffused... no contrasts... so I figured, why not *try* it in dark wood first, and see if I like it? And I think I do, I think I even might LOVE it! What do you think? White or dark? Either way though, it will stay this way untill summer. And I am going to change the knobs...
Details from the buffet. Of course, I had to decorate with dragonflies.... gifts from Darcy! My fantastic friend in the US.
And yesterday, when Mille arrived, she came bearing gifts!!! I was so surprised!!! What could they contain? Mille knows my style and taste so well, I just KNEW it would be brilliant...
and it was... check out that greengate pitcher! I ADORE it, and I cant wait till spring so I can fill it with fresh picked flowers. I also got a greegate tablecloth... which you can see on the kitchen table in my last post.
I think the diningroom has gone through some majour changes!!! A full view will be posted once my chandelier is in place... becuase the lamp I have now... is just horrible!!! Ha ha...

Have a great saturday!

A Blissful Day

So after a few very hectic days, with milking, stable work, late late nights and very early mornings... it was more than just a little blissful to sleep in today. I didn't rise before it was well past midday, and I stayed in bed, in my peaceful teal bedroom just enjoying the moment... After a while though I had to get out of bed, becuase there was lots to do! I had to clean house, becuase my lovely friend Mille was comming over to stay. Hurray!!! I rarely get to see her because of distance, and well... I had been waiting for this day. So I cleaned and vacuumed and even managed to throw in a shower before she arrived (I still smelled like cow!!!)....We cooked a lovely dinner. I love cooking, and finally I had someone to cook for. So the menu was pork entrecte, filled with cream cheese and herbs, wrapped in bacon. fresh mushrooms and homecooked, creamy mashed potatoes... Yum!!! It was seriously wonderful!

Afterwards, we just vegged out on the sofa... just being... thats the brilliant thing about Mille... she doesnt expect you to entertain... and she just loves being around you... and its the same with me... You simply feel relaxed around her! I was a bit maniac when she first arrived, but Mille poured wine and ordered me to calm down! Ha ha... so of course I did!!! Then she went on a photosafari in my house... which brought all images in today's entry!

the top of my antique stove
my silver tray with the mercury glass candleholders, and alot of antique keys... each one with a story behind it actually. The copper leaf is a gift from my sister, she found it in an french fleamarket. The two smaller candleholders were a gift from Ole...

I finally hung my bird's nest wall sconce. It's in my diningroom... and I love it to bits!!!! The colour here is so off... the wall looks pink, but really is a pale pale green... How that happend I dont know...more images from my diningroom... my birdcage finally in the house! I love it's rusted patina.

yesterday me and Ole were at the mall just peeking into some shops. And this little frog prince called out to me... I love frogs in statues/pictures ect ect... but I hate them in real life... they're actually a fobia of mine... ask anyone! The 2nd picture is of my coffeetable in the livingroom...
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Love & blessed be