søndag 22. februar 2009

Just another Sunday

Well, it's finally sunday!!! I did plan to get up early, after an early date with the sheets last night, but it didnt work... My alarm clock went off and I killed it before snuggeling down in my soft bed once again... And I didnt surafce again untill it was way past 10am... Well hey, it was a long week... Working saturdays isn't fun, even if the people you work with are cool! So today was my "to-do" day... with a rather long list of chores. It didnt get fulfilled though... I didnt wash the floors... but I did do the dishes and a load of laundry... and shuffled snow... Ma came over for coffee and helped me out with the snow shuffeling. Always alot more fun if you're two....

I also took a few pics of items brought in during the week. Some new figgjo for my ever growing collection... and some spring flowers!

These mokka cups are a different kind from what I have seen before... But they are amazing...
And two cups with saucers and plates... in the background you can see my glass cabinet (one of two) filled with other Figgjo treasures...
just a few more shots... becuase I liked them!!!

And a soupbowl with a lid :)
thats it for figgjo stuff now... I really wish there was a website that I could go and find all the different patterns on (what they are called) allthough I do think I know most of them by now. I have a few rareties that I'd like to know more about... as well as the date these were made... so far I havent seen anything like that..

There was a sale on for crocuses at the mall where I work... I couldnt resist... they are dark purple (I hope)... put them in my little cauldron.... and I thought the little watch made a cute detail... counting down to spring!!!
Mum brought me fresh eggs form her yellow orpingtons... and I thought they looked alot better on the counter, rather than beeing hidden in the fridge!
Not much happend this week.. alot of work basically... and I am trying to "re-potty-train" my kitten... I'm not entirely sure why is being messy now... she was fine to begin with... hm....

also reading a children's book...which EVERYONE that loved "wind in the willows" or Beatrix Potter should read... it is called "Kenny & the Dragon" and is written by Tony DiTerlizzi, my favorite illustrator... the illustartions of course are magicial! Detailed and witty and just fantastic!!!

Have a great sunday everyone!

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

HI Trine,

I thought you had fallen off the earth, or something! No emails from you in 5 days!!! :P
Nice pictures, and hey...good taste in reading material. :D

Love ya,

chatrine sa...

Tusen takk for koselig hilsen i min blogg:)
Din blogg tror jeg ikke jeg har sett før... Men- for en fin blogg! masse vakre bilder, og ikke minst flott greengate! Jeg elsker green gate, og kjøper litt i ny å ne. Alt forskjellig for alt passer flott ilag:) Jeg må nok snappe ideen din om løk i eggeglassa:)

Ønsker deg en kjempefin kveld!
Klem fra Chatrine:)

Snupijenta! sa...

Huldra må nok bare ha en egen do, tror du ikke? Har vært borti det mange ganger før, at den ene katten legger totalt beslag på doen den hadde alene i utgangspunktet, slik at den nye katten ikke tør bruke den, og da gjør fra seg andre steder... Vet det er kjedelig med TO kattedoer, men du kan jo prøve og se om det funker?
Så søte små figgjoting du har kjøpt..=) Liker de faktisk..:)
koselig med egg i vinduet=)


Hei - De mokka koppene med gull inni hadde jeg sansen for.....