lørdag 7. februar 2009

A Blissful Day

So after a few very hectic days, with milking, stable work, late late nights and very early mornings... it was more than just a little blissful to sleep in today. I didn't rise before it was well past midday, and I stayed in bed, in my peaceful teal bedroom just enjoying the moment... After a while though I had to get out of bed, becuase there was lots to do! I had to clean house, becuase my lovely friend Mille was comming over to stay. Hurray!!! I rarely get to see her because of distance, and well... I had been waiting for this day. So I cleaned and vacuumed and even managed to throw in a shower before she arrived (I still smelled like cow!!!)....We cooked a lovely dinner. I love cooking, and finally I had someone to cook for. So the menu was pork entrecte, filled with cream cheese and herbs, wrapped in bacon. fresh mushrooms and homecooked, creamy mashed potatoes... Yum!!! It was seriously wonderful!

Afterwards, we just vegged out on the sofa... just being... thats the brilliant thing about Mille... she doesnt expect you to entertain... and she just loves being around you... and its the same with me... You simply feel relaxed around her! I was a bit maniac when she first arrived, but Mille poured wine and ordered me to calm down! Ha ha... so of course I did!!! Then she went on a photosafari in my house... which brought all images in today's entry!

the top of my antique stove
my silver tray with the mercury glass candleholders, and alot of antique keys... each one with a story behind it actually. The copper leaf is a gift from my sister, she found it in an french fleamarket. The two smaller candleholders were a gift from Ole...

I finally hung my bird's nest wall sconce. It's in my diningroom... and I love it to bits!!!! The colour here is so off... the wall looks pink, but really is a pale pale green... How that happend I dont know...more images from my diningroom... my birdcage finally in the house! I love it's rusted patina.

yesterday me and Ole were at the mall just peeking into some shops. And this little frog prince called out to me... I love frogs in statues/pictures ect ect... but I hate them in real life... they're actually a fobia of mine... ask anyone! The 2nd picture is of my coffeetable in the livingroom...
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Love & blessed be

3 kommentarer:

Snupijenta! sa...

Koser meg sånn hos deg snuppa! :) Gleda meg så lenge til å komme hit..:) OG det du skriver om meg, slenger jeg right back at yah, og jeg vet David er enig..:)

Hulda sa...

Skal si du har fått det kjempefint! Liker stilen din veldig godt. Superfint med de fuglebildene, og de rustikke reirene, så fin veggdekorasjon. Herlige møbler også.

Anonym sa...

Love it Trine...you amaze me! :D

Btw..I love your dining room too!! It's so classy, it's simply gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the entire room, chandelier and all. You are the best decorator I have ever known in person!

The dragonflies are wonderful, and the new pitcher from Millie is wonderful too! :D

Love you!