søndag 15. februar 2009

A Rather Eventful Weekend!


so my weekend started out pretty darn good... Saturday I had old family friends over on saturday, made cake and received wonderful housewarming-gifts!
I'd bought myself roses too. I absolutely love these pale pink roses, mixed with some pine flowers :) And they just fit perfectly into my colour scheme!
Later I went bowling with my best friend Ole and his entire, crazy, family. Which was hillarious! We had so much fun, and I havent been bowling for years! I sucked, but I had fun!!!

But then tragedy hit! Literally! On my way to my parents house today (sunday) I got a slang on my car, hit a car that came the other way... and ended up f'ing up my newly fixed car! Last time it was Ole's fault, this time there was no one to blame but me... I hate icy slick roads!!! And once again I am without a car! Hurray... my trusted mechanic laughed his arse off, as it was only a week ago he finnished my last fix-up (which Ole caused, I'm stressing that!!!)... and now he wanted to know if I needed a bonus card from him... right... and EXPENSIVE!!! siiigh... so that was kind of crap... but I have a wonderful family that helps me out in any way they can... I am so thankful!!! And I see that I was lucky compared to alot of other people in my area today. One woman lost her life in a car accident, and 7 ended up in the hospital in another... All of wich was in my small area! That's SCARY! So take care driving everyone!!!

It helps to come home to my two wonderful cats as well... allthough they had been alittle naughty this time... and I had to clean up! But I still love them! How could I not... just look at them!

I've also managed to hang my last pictures... these bird ones are hung in the diningroom... I am pretty pleased with how they came out....
And these, butterfly ones, are hung in my livingroom... above the tv...
And now, after this rather eventful weekend... I am off to bed, before fighting my way to work tomorrow in a borrowed car... sigh!!!

3 kommentarer:

snupijenta sa...

Ooooyyy... Det var ikke bra...!! Så gla alt er vel med deg jenta... Tenk om det hadde skjedd noe,... Er så skummelt det der.. også du som kjører til jobb hver dag... kjør pent, please!!

FIne bilder, flotte blomster, digga sommerfuglbildene..:)

Isabelle sa...

får så sykt lyst på pus jg når jg ser di søte kattene dine.. blir vel å skaffe når barna blir litt større!! :D
digger siden din!!
klem isabelle

Anonym sa...

Hey babe! :D

That is such a gorgeous picture of Hexa! I love it, absolutely, 1oo percent love it! She is such a beautiful kitty. And I'm sure she knows it too. lol