torsdag 29. oktober 2009

For my Birthday...

I would like a zinchouse village for my front steps.... pretty please? I have been very nice this year, really! I have!
They can be found at:

Aparently there arent that many types in the stores yet, but they will all arrive during November...
Just alittle birthdaywish on a thursday... from me!


I am still ill with the mystery virus and I am now showing signs of a cold as well. You know, sore troath and aching joints... very lovely!!!

So I am not doing too much, mostly reading and watching tv and being bored out of my witts! And blogging of course. I was reading up on my blogs when I stumbled upon a challenge at Cathrines Kreative Hjørne. She asked us to show something green, and old, in our home... That was easy for me ;) My whole house is filled with shades of old greens :) So here we go....

My old green scales. These are so popular, mine was found in a garage and belonged to my gran :)
I collect old Figgjo and other Norwegian green dinnerware.

I bought this old tin breadbox for 5nok at last weekends fleamarket :) A Great deal I think :)
A green shoeshine box, and a old worn green stool. The box was bought at ebay, but the stool was rescued from my last job. I switched it with one that was not green :p

More Figgjo... in my window, with flowers :)
I also collect old skyline/nutbrown kitchen utensils. I have quite a few now. But I only collect green and turquoise.
Old green spice jars in tin, with a greenish-turqouise colour. I have quite a few and use them here and there in my decor.
My diningroom, all the chairs are different finds from fleamarkets and then painted in "Lavender" green. Which is an old grayish-green colour. My chandelier is actually new, but was bought white. I painted it green :)
Old Egersund bowls... green of course!
And some more :)

Thats just a small selection :) If you take on the challenge, let me know :) I would love to see your greens ;)

mandag 26. oktober 2009

The season's last fleamarket?

I suppose fleamarket season is about to end, unfortuantly... but saturday we did manage to find one. And the whole family went. I found an old green tin breadbin, but I havent taken photos of that yet, a few old books, and a german serving plate. I loved the design, and it was beautifully worn too.. .so I picked it up for nearly nothing.I also got my housewarming gift from Rita & Minki, old family friends of ours, a very old coffee set. Complete for eight, with a cream-jug and a sugarpot too :) I LOVE it. It is a very very pale yellow, white and gold. And it looks amazing with my green figgjo :) Whimsical and fun. Unfortuantly alot of the glaze is crackled, but it is so old it's just to be expected... :) Thank you SO much for this. Ma was so jealous when she saw it :)Isnt it lovely?I really do love the way that the sunshine is making my table look so brilliant :)Roses from my mum :)
Also, I have been thinking about getting back into making layouts for blogs. Similar to this one:) If anyone is interested let me know, we can talk theme, colours and price of course :) I can also make just headers if anyone wants that :) just email me at and please put "Layout" in the header so that I do not delete it :)

Have a great week everyone. I am still ill with the mystery virus as I have named it... and hoping I'll feel better soon.

søndag 25. oktober 2009

Samhain Preperations

Samhain is nearly upon us... the most important celebration of any witch. The time of year when we remember those loved ones that has passed on. The beginning of new life and the end of autumn and harvest... October 31st, a day with many names... Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Sould Night...A magical night in deed, when the boundaries between our reality and the next is at its most shallow... When mysterious beings and things cross over into our world... And with them might be evil spirits, which is why we need the Jack O'lanterns... :) Or so it used to be... Now we just make them becuase it is just too much fun too pass up... But they used to be very important, so lets not forget that :) And remeber to light candles in all your windows next saturday, to guide your loved ones home. Place a Jack O'lantern on the doorstep to scare away evil doers too ;)
I had my wee cousin over, as well as our ecxhange student and we went to work on the pumpkins...Didnt they turn out very spooky in deed?!?? The big one is Lilo's, the wee one is Leah's and the middle one that looks confused... well that one is mine... There are still more things to be done before my Samhain dinner next weekend :) I am inviting the witchiest women around, as well as one lovable dad :)

Have a great, spooky weekend!!!

tirsdag 13. oktober 2009

A Tuesday Afternoon

I'm having one of those days where the day just passes you by and you dont really get to grab a hold of it...

But I cleaned the livingroom at last.
This week will be super busy... and I am not really too excited about that... I dont know.. just feeling alittle less than inspired today...

This metal table was a thrift shop find... it's allready a flaky white, so I am not going to paint it... I origiannly wanted it for the garden, but it's in for the winter... and come spring we'll see :)
On saturday I went to see Nouvelle Vouge in concert. It was amazing! Those girls are so talented. Sunday after me and Julie had breakfast in oslo, followed by a trailing through the antique stands in the park. Resulting in a few finds. Among them a nutbrown applecore remover and 5 of these glass jars (which I intend to put to use in my library), and a glass & metal miniature greenhouse... I hope you all have a lovely week :) I'll probably be back next weekend.

torsdag 8. oktober 2009


I love autumn, but the darker days make me so much more tired... I'm ready to hit bed even before it's eight in the evening... sigh... This I dont like so much...

This weekend will be busy... my house is a mess... I planned on cleaning after work, but after I made dinner it was allready dark outside and my body went into tired mode... So maybe I will be able to bloggify the house on monday... I'm off from work so there is a small chance :)
This saturday I have to work, but then after I'm off to Oslo to the Nouvelle Vouge concert! It shall be sooo much fun!

Have a great weekend everyone...

(todays photos are all from

søndag 4. oktober 2009

Treasure Hunt On A Saturday!

It has SNOWED!!! Yes... it is not even a week into October and I have SNOW... I'm NOT happy.... But hopefully it will remove it whiteness from my lawn soon and we can continue with autumn for alittle while longer.
Anyway, I needed to be cheered up on Saturday... so after a very early morning (5am) milking the cows I went treasure hunting with ma, pa and Lilo... We went to almost every antique shop we knew about and had a blast... I found some stuff too :) :)

A handblown green fishing float ball... I love it! Been looking for some for a long time :) And I cant believe my luck when I found this one...
And then I found another!!! In aqua!!! Hurray!!! How brilliant is that :)
Also found something in the green that I collect. However it is not figgjo, it is egersund... But still old and norwegian so I'm not complaining... I love them!!!
This isnt new... I just felt like taking a picture :)
This old beer case I found in a basment... it's from our local brewery and is rather old. I placed it next to my old oven in the kitchen along with my pale pink pelargonia :)
Today is sunday and I have to change my car tires to winter ones... sigh... I hate that job... but it has to be done... sigh... but for now I am having a lazy morning with blogging and coffee :)