torsdag 29. oktober 2009


I am still ill with the mystery virus and I am now showing signs of a cold as well. You know, sore troath and aching joints... very lovely!!!

So I am not doing too much, mostly reading and watching tv and being bored out of my witts! And blogging of course. I was reading up on my blogs when I stumbled upon a challenge at Cathrines Kreative Hjørne. She asked us to show something green, and old, in our home... That was easy for me ;) My whole house is filled with shades of old greens :) So here we go....

My old green scales. These are so popular, mine was found in a garage and belonged to my gran :)
I collect old Figgjo and other Norwegian green dinnerware.

I bought this old tin breadbox for 5nok at last weekends fleamarket :) A Great deal I think :)
A green shoeshine box, and a old worn green stool. The box was bought at ebay, but the stool was rescued from my last job. I switched it with one that was not green :p

More Figgjo... in my window, with flowers :)
I also collect old skyline/nutbrown kitchen utensils. I have quite a few now. But I only collect green and turquoise.
Old green spice jars in tin, with a greenish-turqouise colour. I have quite a few and use them here and there in my decor.
My diningroom, all the chairs are different finds from fleamarkets and then painted in "Lavender" green. Which is an old grayish-green colour. My chandelier is actually new, but was bought white. I painted it green :)
Old Egersund bowls... green of course!
And some more :)

Thats just a small selection :) If you take on the challenge, let me know :) I would love to see your greens ;)

4 kommentarer:

Erin sa...

Gosh your home is just so beautiful. I would love to take a visit have so many interesting collections and pretty pieces.

I really hope you're feeling better soon! Take care of yourself! :)

Monica sa...

Green green green..:) Ja, da har hun kommet til rette stedet..:)
Nudelige hjemmet ditt=)
Jeg er i høstmodus nå, men det syns ikke inne.
Jeg kommer i sommermodus hver gang jeg ser huset ditt, og det var jo hele poenget ditt med interiøret og fargene også, right? =)
Herlig hos deg, gleder meg til neste gang jeg besøker deg..:)

Cathrines Kreative Hjørne sa...

Hei igjen!
Jeg skulle visst ha bladd litt lengre, for nå ser jeg jo at du har et innlegg om dine grønne ting, på oppfordring fra meg, og det var veldig artig! Og så mye fint du har!!! Det første bildet med vekten, kaffekjelen og vispen fikk jeg gåsehud av!!! Og så heldig du var med kjøpte av den brødboksen!

Klem igjen,
Cathrine :-)

Beate sa...

grønt er skjønt!
er også veldig glad i grønt!

klem Beate