mandag 26. oktober 2009

The season's last fleamarket?

I suppose fleamarket season is about to end, unfortuantly... but saturday we did manage to find one. And the whole family went. I found an old green tin breadbin, but I havent taken photos of that yet, a few old books, and a german serving plate. I loved the design, and it was beautifully worn too.. .so I picked it up for nearly nothing.I also got my housewarming gift from Rita & Minki, old family friends of ours, a very old coffee set. Complete for eight, with a cream-jug and a sugarpot too :) I LOVE it. It is a very very pale yellow, white and gold. And it looks amazing with my green figgjo :) Whimsical and fun. Unfortuantly alot of the glaze is crackled, but it is so old it's just to be expected... :) Thank you SO much for this. Ma was so jealous when she saw it :)Isnt it lovely?I really do love the way that the sunshine is making my table look so brilliant :)Roses from my mum :)
Also, I have been thinking about getting back into making layouts for blogs. Similar to this one:) If anyone is interested let me know, we can talk theme, colours and price of course :) I can also make just headers if anyone wants that :) just email me at and please put "Layout" in the header so that I do not delete it :)

Have a great week everyone. I am still ill with the mystery virus as I have named it... and hoping I'll feel better soon.

5 kommentarer:

Skogland sa...

Nydelig!...både roser, servise og SOLSKINN! God bedring til deg :o) klem

Anonym sa...

Så flott det så ut med sol på kjøkkenet, og de gamle fine koppene :)
De passer jo helt supert hos deg!!
Og, veit du hva? Det er loppis til helga også!!! I Drammen!!!
I morra kommer jeg på besøk :)

Klem fra Queen Bee ;)

Monica sa...

:) Må alltid smile når jeg titter innom bloggen din og ser bilder av nye loppis funn og alle detaljene i layouten din..:)
Fine ting du fikk! Og bordet ser virkelig flott ut i solskinn ja..:)
LA forresten ut det flotte bildet mitt av bordet ditt ut i portfolioen min. Kunne ikke la være.=)

Lisa sa...

It looks so beautiful! You've inspired many changes around our little apartment. :) I just found your lovely comment this morning, over a month later. lol Thank you!

Anonym sa...

2 loppis i Drammen og 1 på Villa Fridheim i Krødsherad???? Hmmm Hvem skal vi velge????