søndag 25. oktober 2009

Samhain Preperations

Samhain is nearly upon us... the most important celebration of any witch. The time of year when we remember those loved ones that has passed on. The beginning of new life and the end of autumn and harvest... October 31st, a day with many names... Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Sould Night...A magical night in deed, when the boundaries between our reality and the next is at its most shallow... When mysterious beings and things cross over into our world... And with them might be evil spirits, which is why we need the Jack O'lanterns... :) Or so it used to be... Now we just make them becuase it is just too much fun too pass up... But they used to be very important, so lets not forget that :) And remeber to light candles in all your windows next saturday, to guide your loved ones home. Place a Jack O'lantern on the doorstep to scare away evil doers too ;)
I had my wee cousin over, as well as our ecxhange student and we went to work on the pumpkins...Didnt they turn out very spooky in deed?!?? The big one is Lilo's, the wee one is Leah's and the middle one that looks confused... well that one is mine... There are still more things to be done before my Samhain dinner next weekend :) I am inviting the witchiest women around, as well as one lovable dad :)

Have a great, spooky weekend!!!

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

What are you going to serve them!

Kristin sa...

Takk skal du ha:-) Artige gresskar!!
Ha en fin søndag

Monica sa...

Det så koselig ut det der..:)
leste ikke så nøye nå, david er litt sur for at jeg sitter foran macbooken når det er så mye å gjøre ute.. han er skikkelig gretten idag jah..:(

Anonym sa...

Gleder meg til neste lørdag :)

Klem fra mammaheksa ;)

Skogland sa...

Det skal vi prøve på ;) Så fine gresskar dere har laget!! Bare å svinge innom forresten.. Men husk at det ikke ser ut som i et interiørblad her hver dag ;) hihi...

Ønsker deg en strålende dag!