søndag 29. mars 2009

new layout

got bored... again... and wanted something lusher...

More side gadets to come though... and maybe a different header... who knows...


- Trine

lørdag 28. mars 2009

Spring Cleaning

It is saturday, I'm in my bed... the sun is flowing in through the window... and everything seems just a little bit perfect... then in through the door comes my mum... with the cats trailing her... and into the bed the wee ones come, ma's voice announcing the coffee is finnished and it's allready 7.30 am.... and I remember... Ma stayed the night on the sofa after a bottle of wine last night... and ma... well she is one hell of a morning birdie! I try helplessy to pull my covers over my head, but it seems both Hexa & Huldra is in on ma's game... and prod me untill I am up and awake... And even before I get out from my tangle of sheets I hear the hoover start downstairs... yes... ma the whirlwind is allready on high speed... o.OBut she does get the job done! In no time and with plenty of smiles!

So I am not complaining... a personal maid on saturday is everyone's dream right?... ha ha... I managed to coax her into having a wee bit of breakfast before I started upstairs... head in the toilet scrubbing it until it gleamed... and so went the day.... The entire cottage got cleaned, and even the porch now seems to be ready for spring... even if the garden is still covered in too much snow...the cats went in and out and were quite pleased with the nice sun and the hustle and bustle...

Then we did our grocery shopping, went home and made a great family dinner for the homecomming of my sister, who studies photography in England. After the feast both daddy and my sister crashed on the sofa while me and ma did the dishes....
this green lump is in fact my sister.... ha ha!!!

all in all it was a great saturday, and now that they have all gone and its just me and the cats left, it feels rather quiet... but alittle wine and wonderful candles is great too...
so I leave you today with some glimpses from my easter decorated house. My easter, as a pagan, started on spring equinox and I am in full celebration of spring!

The bottles in my kitchen window make a beautiful colour display when the sun shines through them... And I cant wait for those bulbs to come into bloom!
we got some really precious eastereggs at the shop... they are so beautifully nostalgic and just too cute to pass up... I love them!Tiny pastel chocolate eggs from sweden are my favorite. They look so real my sister didnt dare take one before asking if they were in fact candy! Ha ha... they are perfect for decoration in my bird themed diningroom....
and then my sister "surprised" me with this adorable bird house for my garden... it's so perfectly me... green AND with a dragonfly to top it off.... hah!!! LOVE IT!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, even if it does snow!!! :)

Blessings from
- Tee, Hexa & Huldra

søndag 22. mars 2009

Sunday Rain Creativity!

Is rain the sure sign of spring I wonder?! Well it rained alittle today... But earlier it was sunny and warm outside... I tried to ignore the snow and me and the cats had a good time outside... Spring always bring out the creativity in me, and I decided to start a project I have been thinking about for some time. Before yule I bought two very large lanterns. They were a rather boring brown/reddish colour, but I saw them as more or less blank canvases... and I decided to "tee" them up a bit... I love the verdigris colours of green and teal and decided that was the way to go... This is a work in progress however, because the glass will be decorated as well... later!

I was sloppy when I put on the paint, in different greens and teals (3 colours all together) and right before it dried I sanded it down to give it a distressed look... It came out alot better than I thought... and I am so happy with it! Like I said... it will be even more decorated... so see later for more pics :)
It was incredibly nice being outside on my porch.... smelling the fresh air. And the cats bounced around, climbing trees and exploring!

Here is Huldra in the garden tree.... aren't her eyes striking?

And I also got another visitor just behind my house....There were two of them, but I only *just* managed to catch one on film :) I love deers!!! They are so graceful!

and I finally got some pictures of my beautiful gift!!! I love the roses!!!! It's so lovely!!! Thank you again my "secret" friend :)
And last... the happiest news!!! The first foal at Ole's stable has arrived!!! It popped out rather un-announced yesterday. It was a little colt, red like his father... and just 100% adorable!

The only problem is that it's mother has small tits, and he cant get a hold... so the mare has to be milked, and the foal fed with a bottle!!! All the work!!!! I feel sorry for poor Ole... like he doesnt allready have a busy enough day... but the guy is a fighter... (both of them ;) And I am certain they'll both pull through like stars!

And now... I need to do alittle spring cleaning... sigh!

mandag 16. mars 2009

Interior givealong!

So another week has gone by in Dragonfly Cottage... And it sure has been a long and busy one... I received my wonderful givealong gift :) It was amazing! I great trivet with a rose mosaic pattern, matching napkins and a gorgeous white table cloth... But my camera is acting up... so no pictures... yet. I will have daddy to have a look at at it and see if he can get hold of the photoes hold hostage by this camera!!! sigh... But thank you "secret" friend!!! I loved everything, and the cold colours match my dining room perfectly!!! I loved it!!! And cannot wait to show it off!!!

Hexa has started being outside, little by little... she ran out when I got home this evening... and now mama is very worried about her... it's getting dark and I have no idea where she's been... but she's only been out for an hour... I am sure my neighbours think I am crazy, calling for a "witch" every 15min (Hexa means witch in norwegian).... But so far she hasnt come home... sigh... I dont like it!!! (edit: well of course she was waiting right outside after I finnished my blogging!! ha ha)

It is finally getting to feel alitle more like spring aorund here... there are still too much snow, but I can actually see alittle ground and grass here and there!

right.. untill I get my pictures released from the damn camera... this will have to do!!!



søndag 8. mars 2009

Women's Day!!!

I've been ill for a few days, which really sucks!!! Esp when you come home with a fever and meet your cats on the kitchen, surrounded by LAODS of broken eggs on the floor... great...
but that was friday... and today is sunday... I feel much better, and had a wonderful day...

It's national women's day... and it happend to be the day I invited my friends from work over. The girls came around and I managed to make some food... Even if I was alittle weak from the fever on friday...

Dad had came by to fix my chandlier when I was at work earlier this week!!! I was so pleased!!! Thank you daddy!!! Now my livingroom was perfect for a small luncheon!

Started my day early and decided to shuffle snow first... hurray... Hexa decided this was a good a day as any to take in her new surroundings outside. She's been outside here once before, but only for a very short periode. Now she was out for ages... and mama got very worried... so I called her over and over and over... and finally she answered me... and came trotting into view, meowing loudy. When she saw me on the porch she meowed and trotted away again... it was like she said "yes ma' I'm right here, dont you worry... I am just going to bounce around in teh snow some more"... After she came when I called, I wasnt so worried... and went inside to start cooking. I had just put my foccacia in the oven when I heard her sore meows outside "okay ma... it's windy and snowy and I hate both... and I have been out for an hour now! Let me in?!" So she ran inside and ate before she crash landed on the sofa, where she stayed the remainer of the day.

(Notice the cat's litter box? Very big picture mistake!!! Ha ha... )

My guest arrived in a blistering snowstorm around 3pm, and I had made pasta chicken salad, foccacias and a fruity dessert.... I had never made foccacias before, so I was alittle worried... esp when the dough didnt look right... and I looked up another recepie on the net... my finnished product was a mixture between two recepies... but it smelled divine, and tasted amazing as well!!! So all good in the end!

We had a great time chatting about work and everything else... eating untill we were all stuffed! This is desert time... the lighting is alittle bad.... From left is Nida, Hege, Julie and Bea. They are so incredibly different... and yet we have so much fun together!!! :)

A bunch of great girls! I am so going to miss them when I leave my current job :) I hope we can stay in touch though! and yes... some of us had beer for lunch!!! on a sunday too!!!! Ha ha haWhen we moved to the sofa Hexa decided to move to every lap in turn... testing out which one was the better cat-cuddler! Ha ha... my spoiled little brat! Huldra had been all over all day ("whats in this bowl ma? Is that for me?".... No Huldra get down from the counter and stay away from the chicken... "oh maaa... mover OVER! I cannot see...."Huldra! Go get a nap!!! ) so she was completely tired and fell asleep like a little angle under the table...

and with a closeup of my heavenly dessert I wish you all a great sunday night! Hope you had a fun weekend!!! And off to bed I am....

søndag 1. mars 2009

Silver memories!

It's sunday... it's cloudy and truth be told I feel alittle clouded-up myself... Not my usual happy self... I am SO tired of snow now... And I am telling myself today it is March! March is a spring month... no matter what it looks like outside the window...

at least my crocus' is finally in bloom... on my kitchen table... and they do bring a smile to my face everytime I see them!!! My favorite bulb flower I think...

Yesterday was good however, me and my mum went shopping and had lunch at our favorite spot. I didnt buy much... Just afew sping flowers, and some tea.

I didn't have enough flowerpots... so I took what I had... and I have to admit... Figgjo looks brilliant!

and an old measurer... Later we stopped by my gran with cake and chatted over coffee. I hadnt seen her for a couple of weeks. I hate not being able to spend more time with granny... she's my favorite person! We couldnt help ourselves, and had a looksie in her silver cabinet. She has a lot of whimsical silver, and she remembers the story behind every spoon, every fork! It's so much fun listening to! I love learning about my past...
She is such a darling, and she gave me a beautiful silver serving spoon and ladle.

I espcially love the spoon, how its shaped at the bottom... Lovely!

When I got home, I realized I had bought a spoon and fork in the exact same pattern at an antique shop earlier. Ha ha... funny!

So I decided to show you some of my other silver as well... picked up at fleamarkets and shops during last summer.

This rose pattern is another of my favorites... It's so romantic!!!I love to set a table for breakfast with beautiful silver in every bowl of jam...

This cake server was found at the little antique shop in my hometown... I have written about it before :)
And my roses that I bought for valentines two weeks ago finally caved in. However the other flowers I bought along with them were still fine... so I gathered them into another figgjo pitcher!!! And the colour is perfect in my diningroom!!! :)

and that was my sunday.. I should wash my floors now... but I have a headache... so I think at least one more cup of coffee before I do anything... :)

I still havent found a norwegian shop that sells the green spotted greengate cup... sigh...but thanks to everyone that suggested!!!