søndag 1. mars 2009

Silver memories!

It's sunday... it's cloudy and truth be told I feel alittle clouded-up myself... Not my usual happy self... I am SO tired of snow now... And I am telling myself today it is March! March is a spring month... no matter what it looks like outside the window...

at least my crocus' is finally in bloom... on my kitchen table... and they do bring a smile to my face everytime I see them!!! My favorite bulb flower I think...

Yesterday was good however, me and my mum went shopping and had lunch at our favorite spot. I didnt buy much... Just afew sping flowers, and some tea.

I didn't have enough flowerpots... so I took what I had... and I have to admit... Figgjo looks brilliant!

and an old measurer... Later we stopped by my gran with cake and chatted over coffee. I hadnt seen her for a couple of weeks. I hate not being able to spend more time with granny... she's my favorite person! We couldnt help ourselves, and had a looksie in her silver cabinet. She has a lot of whimsical silver, and she remembers the story behind every spoon, every fork! It's so much fun listening to! I love learning about my past...
She is such a darling, and she gave me a beautiful silver serving spoon and ladle.

I espcially love the spoon, how its shaped at the bottom... Lovely!

When I got home, I realized I had bought a spoon and fork in the exact same pattern at an antique shop earlier. Ha ha... funny!

So I decided to show you some of my other silver as well... picked up at fleamarkets and shops during last summer.

This rose pattern is another of my favorites... It's so romantic!!!I love to set a table for breakfast with beautiful silver in every bowl of jam...

This cake server was found at the little antique shop in my hometown... I have written about it before :)
And my roses that I bought for valentines two weeks ago finally caved in. However the other flowers I bought along with them were still fine... so I gathered them into another figgjo pitcher!!! And the colour is perfect in my diningroom!!! :)

and that was my sunday.. I should wash my floors now... but I have a headache... so I think at least one more cup of coffee before I do anything... :)

I still havent found a norwegian shop that sells the green spotted greengate cup... sigh...but thanks to everyone that suggested!!!

4 kommentarer:

Hulda sa...

Vakre søndagsbilder! Jeg likte så godt blomsterbildene, måten du har satt det opp på. De små fuglene var også søte, og krokusene da! Flott. Jeg lagde også blomsteroppsatser i går. Bilder på bloggen.

Eva sa...

greengate.dk selger dem, om du vil kan jeg få addressa til inghild og få hu til å sende den videre til norge :)

Monica sa...

Så mye flott sølv du har..:) Du var jammen heldig som fikk så flotte ting av bestemoren din=)
Håper resten av søndagen din var ok? :)


Aalerud Stall sa...


Nydelige blomster og flott, gammelt sølvtøy!
Vet du, det er merkelig for jeg skal akkurat til å lage et lite innlegg på min blogg etter å ha kjøpt lysegrønne greengate-ting fra Romantiske hjem! Vet ikke om de har denne koppen på lager, men adressen er i hvert fall www.romantiskehjem.no

Lykke til og ha en flott lørdagskveld!
Klem fra Britt:-)