mandag 16. mars 2009

Interior givealong!

So another week has gone by in Dragonfly Cottage... And it sure has been a long and busy one... I received my wonderful givealong gift :) It was amazing! I great trivet with a rose mosaic pattern, matching napkins and a gorgeous white table cloth... But my camera is acting up... so no pictures... yet. I will have daddy to have a look at at it and see if he can get hold of the photoes hold hostage by this camera!!! sigh... But thank you "secret" friend!!! I loved everything, and the cold colours match my dining room perfectly!!! I loved it!!! And cannot wait to show it off!!!

Hexa has started being outside, little by little... she ran out when I got home this evening... and now mama is very worried about her... it's getting dark and I have no idea where she's been... but she's only been out for an hour... I am sure my neighbours think I am crazy, calling for a "witch" every 15min (Hexa means witch in norwegian).... But so far she hasnt come home... sigh... I dont like it!!! (edit: well of course she was waiting right outside after I finnished my blogging!! ha ha)

It is finally getting to feel alitle more like spring aorund here... there are still too much snow, but I can actually see alittle ground and grass here and there!

right.. untill I get my pictures released from the damn camera... this will have to do!!!



3 kommentarer:

Ingrid sa...

Hei! Du har en kjempeflott blogg. Hjemmet ditt ser bare så koselig ut! :)

Olivengren. sa...

Hei på deg:-)
Kjenner igjen den følelsen av engstelse når katta går ut. Har en som er ute regelmessig og jeg er redd for at han skal på stjålet (det er en Main Coon). Det har skjedd før med den rasen rundt her eller påkjørt. Har også en annen liten tass som snart skal få prøve seg ut. Blir spennende. Ha en fortsatt fin dag. Klem Mette:-)

Monica sa...

Føler med deg ang bekyringen.. Har hatt det sånn mange ganger selv, men har som regel gått kjempebra her..=)
Gleder meg til å se bilder!