søndag 8. mars 2009

Women's Day!!!

I've been ill for a few days, which really sucks!!! Esp when you come home with a fever and meet your cats on the kitchen, surrounded by LAODS of broken eggs on the floor... great...
but that was friday... and today is sunday... I feel much better, and had a wonderful day...

It's national women's day... and it happend to be the day I invited my friends from work over. The girls came around and I managed to make some food... Even if I was alittle weak from the fever on friday...

Dad had came by to fix my chandlier when I was at work earlier this week!!! I was so pleased!!! Thank you daddy!!! Now my livingroom was perfect for a small luncheon!

Started my day early and decided to shuffle snow first... hurray... Hexa decided this was a good a day as any to take in her new surroundings outside. She's been outside here once before, but only for a very short periode. Now she was out for ages... and mama got very worried... so I called her over and over and over... and finally she answered me... and came trotting into view, meowing loudy. When she saw me on the porch she meowed and trotted away again... it was like she said "yes ma' I'm right here, dont you worry... I am just going to bounce around in teh snow some more"... After she came when I called, I wasnt so worried... and went inside to start cooking. I had just put my foccacia in the oven when I heard her sore meows outside "okay ma... it's windy and snowy and I hate both... and I have been out for an hour now! Let me in?!" So she ran inside and ate before she crash landed on the sofa, where she stayed the remainer of the day.

(Notice the cat's litter box? Very big picture mistake!!! Ha ha... )

My guest arrived in a blistering snowstorm around 3pm, and I had made pasta chicken salad, foccacias and a fruity dessert.... I had never made foccacias before, so I was alittle worried... esp when the dough didnt look right... and I looked up another recepie on the net... my finnished product was a mixture between two recepies... but it smelled divine, and tasted amazing as well!!! So all good in the end!

We had a great time chatting about work and everything else... eating untill we were all stuffed! This is desert time... the lighting is alittle bad.... From left is Nida, Hege, Julie and Bea. They are so incredibly different... and yet we have so much fun together!!! :)

A bunch of great girls! I am so going to miss them when I leave my current job :) I hope we can stay in touch though! and yes... some of us had beer for lunch!!! on a sunday too!!!! Ha ha haWhen we moved to the sofa Hexa decided to move to every lap in turn... testing out which one was the better cat-cuddler! Ha ha... my spoiled little brat! Huldra had been all over all day ("whats in this bowl ma? Is that for me?".... No Huldra get down from the counter and stay away from the chicken... "oh maaa... mover OVER! I cannot see...."Huldra! Go get a nap!!! ) so she was completely tired and fell asleep like a little angle under the table...

and with a closeup of my heavenly dessert I wish you all a great sunday night! Hope you had a fun weekend!!! And off to bed I am....

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Monica sa...

Kjempemange flotte bilder snuppa.:)
Jep, kattedoen var litt dum å ha med, men den ødela ikke SÅÅ mye.:)
BLE SÅ FLOTT MED LYSEKRONA OPPE!! HIPP HURRA for pappaen din som overrasket deg sånn..:)
Maten så digg ut.:) og sunn!
Må ha vært koselig med jentebesøk..:)
Nattaklems fra meg.:)


Så fint du har fått det. Likte veldig godt fargen på stolene dine. Ser litt grå/grønn ut?

Så mange fine detaljer du viser også!

Aalerud Stall sa...


Det er så utrolig koselig å ha besøk av gode venner! Og med god mat og drikke til får det ikke blitt bedre:-)
Du har virkelig fått det fint i huset ditt; den lysekronen var lekker!
Godt at katten kom hjem; forrige søndag hadde vi en flere timers leteaksjon etter Leo, som fulgte etter en av rytterne på stallen her og ble til slutt tatt inn av en snill familie med hunder ca.6 kilometer herfra...

Ha en flott torsdag i morgen!
Klem fra Britt:-)

Fredrik sa...

Nå følte jeg meg litt utafor her :P
Trodde jeg var endel av gjengen liksom... Selv om jeg bor i Bergen liker jeg å bli acknowledged hehe. Utrolig nice jobb på huset. Kult å følge med.

Vi tastes..

Karine sa...

Å. Jeg er utenfor jeg og....hehe. Så fint du har fått det i huset Trine Lise! Utrolig koselig, good job;) Håper alt er bra. Norligjengen er sammensveiset som aldri før? Haha.

Vi ..tastes vel vi og.
Hilsen Karine :)

Anonym sa...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.