lørdag 3. april 2010

A Touch of Easter

I don't decorate for easter the way I do for Yuletime, but thankfully my colours of choice work well with yellows and other spring colours :) Nib is having another contest going, for us to show our easter decor, and I wanted to participate.... I love bunnies... they are the essence of easter to me, a figure of joy, fertility and life... and they are mighty cute!
I just love using uniqe things for planters... like this very old gravy bowl and the measurecup :)My extremely, sickening talented sister shot these two pictures for me!!! Love her!!! She's taken some more, and I will be showing those later :)
Chocolate eggs in a green figgjo saucer :D Simple and beautiful!

And here, simply a few yellow flowers in my kitchen, planted in a spring-ish cup :DEaster so far has been nice, thursday was family lunch with blood relatives, chosen family and family of our "adopted" sister Libby from Germany... nine people around my table... Today I am having my super duper friend Mille over, we're drinking buckets of wine and enjoying Twilight on dvd I'm guessing. And talking about interior decor..ALOT!!! I cant wait. Tomorrow will be stable "duty" with the O-man, getting it all ready for spring :) I hope the weater will be okay (at least no downfall from the skies in any form) so that we can enjoy ourselv alittle while working!

I had tied this yellow ribbon around Huldra's neck, but she got it off in less than 20 sec and then looked at me whit this look here... obvioulsy not very happy about being my black easter kitten with a bow >.< *giggles*I hope you all have an excellent Easter as well :)

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Hvit Villa sa...

Skjønne bilder! God påske til deg og dine :-)

prinsesselinn sa...

Hehe, ser ikke ut som katten likte det nei ;)
kjempefine "påskebilder " her hos deg i dag .
Ha en finfin lørdagkveld.

Minka sa...


Tee of Dragonfly Cottage sa...

Tusen takk for hyggelig påskelunsj :)
PS. Skjønner Huldra godt jeg.Sløyfe!!??

Klem fra Queen Bee

Laura K. sa...

Så nydelige bilde! Og veldig søt pus:) Tusen takk for kjempekoselig kommentar på min blogg!