søndag 4. april 2010

Mr. Toad, Me, My sister and a car named Monty!

Right... so I have a just had a delightful couple of days! My wonderful girl Mille came around on saturday evening. We had junkfood, loads of wine and vampire movies galore :D It as great... slept untill we woke from cats stepping on our faces (yep they do that). We made breakfast pancakes and then later had coffee and waffels with her mum and Mille's two cute boys. It was great. Just chatting and relaxing! And just being together. We dont to see eacother as much as we'd like .... unfortunatly. Me and her mum try so hard to get them to move closer to us... we miss them so so much when they are not here.

I then had an amazing dinner with my family, and Libby's german family that's visiting... before me and my sister decided to go on a roadtrip as we sometimes do... in her car... Monty! Monty is a ford, a green one mind you! And we headed off in search of cool houses... (we do this, drive around looking at houses... we have an addiction...) so with Monty we went, music blazing... first stop as an old factory, where there was a container full of junk... junk... or not junk? That is the question and it had to be looked into... out of the junk came a fantastic zinc, factory chic, shelving unit... and into the car it went... with alot of will... because it was NOT very small.... o.O So with a huge piece of junk in the car we were off again... this shelf will play a lead part in my sister's kitchen-to-be... I am her self proclaimed designer for her home-to-be... and this just worked so perfect with my vision of her kitchen-to-be... retro fifties diner/ factory chic! Yepp....Then... e got stuck in the muc... and I literally had to slide her out of it... sporting a mud-spotted outfit afterards... from head to toe... and laughing so hard we nearly died... and Monty got too hot... boiling in fact... Eva says... when off with Monty always bring a good old book for when Monty needs to cool down!!! We decided as we got on the road again it was time for heading home... our easter adventure over for now...

But it was a hoot... doesnt take alot to entertain two hillbilly chic chicks!!! And mama got a nice laugh when we carried in our fetched treasure... as she could NOT see the beauty in it, nor my vision of grande! Ah well... we will show her we will!!!! :D

But she does like this!!! I made mama a little still life in a glass cloche that she bought the other day, along with a most adorable jeweled toad (I would LOVE to have one for myself).... I added the moss, and old key, a twig (that has somehow started blooming in the cloche!!! How cool!!!!) and some of my grans old earclips!!! I loved how it came out... and I think mama enjoyes it as well!!!

Have a great weekend and easter still!!!

4 kommentarer:

Hulda sa...

Stilig den osteklokka :)

Pia Nelly sa...

Herlig blogg du har=)! Litt av en skattejakt dere hadde...fnis;)! Så flott pyntet osteklokke! Jeg fallt helt for frosken...*vil ha*!
Fortsatt god påske!

Gunn sa...

Bloggen din er som et eventyr, Nydelige bilder og herlige historier.
Padden i kokkken var kjempefin!
Ha en deiilig mandag!

:) fra meg

Monica Helén sa...

Vi hadde det så koselig! Vil tilbake! Mamma sendte ett par meldinger med annonser om hus og leiligheter tíl leie i sigdal igår. hadde vært morro ja... Men det skjer nok ikke.. får bare komme oftere istedet.. =)

"as she could NOT see the beauty in it, nor my vision of grande! Ah well... we will show her we will!!!! :D" Du skriver litt sånn scotsk inspirert, sant? Liker det! =)