onsdag 10. februar 2010

Lure Jewelry!

Becuase I am still not back at work, and bored to insanity... I made some jewelry for my sister... It's made of scrap-accessories found all over. And fishing lures. Most of these were found in the river, me and my sister snorkel for the all summer. Or in old fishingbags left at my grandmothers attic :)
The picture is rubbish I know... The pearls are not even really black. But darker shades of purple, green and teal...

I'm bubbeling over with ideas for my garden this season... and I am so ready for spring to come around. Which of course is reflected on my dining table!
This rusted little lantern was bought at yesterday. After I was at the doc's office, I went back to work to say hallo. God I cannot wait to start work again by the way! I really miss it :) Anyhow... I was actually going to have it for a candle, but when I got home I saw that this plant just fittet it perfectly!
Hopefully I will be back to work on monday, and my great family and friends will keep me entertained this weekend. So I hope you all have a wonderful time!

2 kommentarer:

Datt sa...

Åh, min bestemor hadde den samme stettskåla som på bildet! Superskjønn! :)

Monica Helén sa...

Den var kjempefin den der som du hadde blomsten oppi..=) Smykket ble også kult, du er så kreativ! =)
Goood bedring jenta.. Skjønner at du gleder deg til å jobbe igjen, det er lixom litt digg å ha noe gå til..=) KLEMS