onsdag 31. oktober 2007

Samhain & Autumn Bliss

Autumn is soon comming to an end, the trees are once again naked against a cold gray sky. With the smell of snow in the air, it wont be long before the world will be painted white. Today was Samhain. Perhaps the most important holiday for a witch like me. The time to remember our lost ones, and to help them find their way home again. Light candles in every window and carve out your pumpkins. I didnt have time for a pumkin carving this time around, but I still had a great time. I spent time with my granny and served her pumkin cake, dressed up in orange, black and stripes. And felt the wonderful chill of autumn wind on my skin. It was a good day.

The past few days have been fun. I had a great weekend with Ole. We drank wine in the stable and laughed alot. We had a road trip with Boots (he's aWelsh Sec D stallion) and had him jump, it was fun to see how quickly he realized what he had to do... all in all I couldnt be happier. All I want now is a house. And there is one for sale now. My dad will see it on saturday.

And I also found some pictures for you.

This here is my windowsill. With old bottles found on the farm, and my granny's attic. I put coneflowers from the garden in them, and they last forever. I've also tried roses and other flowers. It always looks good. I love that the paint has flaked off, love the worn look.

This is from Ole's farm, behind the old barn. The old treehut was made by him and his sister when they were wee. My sister took this photo, and it just capures the amazing atmosphere this place has during autumn. I love spending time in that pasture. It's so romantic and fairytale like. A little haven in such a busy world.

And here is me and Ole. Goofing around in the stable. Yeah I am kind of short :) And he is kind of tall... But we have alot of fun still. He's my best friend and we're always up to no good.

I'll be back soon with more pictures, more nonsense...

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Tror jeg må ha vinflasker med blomster i ettellerannet sted jeg også..:) skikkelig koselig..:)