lørdag 11. juli 2009

A Little of This And A Little of That

I feel like days just arent long enough, and that weeks fly by without me noticing. It is crazy at work these days, and I have been so busy! It's been raining the past week, which makes summer kind of feeling a bit like autumn allready, so I sure hope it's gonna dry up soon. We needed the wet, but not for this long... Hopefully the sun will peep out again soon-ish.

I spent this saturday waking up gently and went out to get breakfast. Had a great breakfast with my best friend Ole and then I decided to do some housework, so I washed the bathroom, and the bedroom! It felt great getting it all clean :) so of course I had to take my camera out for a shoot.

I love my bedroom, it is painted in a calm, light ocean green blue. Ha ha... Not quite duck-egg, it is too green for that. But maybe some kind of egg blue. Everything else is white. I have sheepskins on both sides of the bed, and one wall with amazing shimmering wallpaper. It reflects the light in amazing ways.For some reason the colour just never turns out right in photos though. The bed and bedside tables were bought by my mum at a thrift shop. It was a dark dark brown, and we painted it white. It took forever, but man was it worth it. There is a distinct theme in my bedroom, dragonflies & seashells. Why? Well I love dragonflies and you can find dragonfly detail all around my house. But it was decided by the artwork I bought online. It had seashells and dragonflies on them, and I fell in love. I didnt paint the frames, because I thought the dark brown broke the white and blue perfectly. So does the old suitcases on top of my wardrobes. I couldnt afford new ones, so I panted the two old ones that were left in the house when I took over. The outcome, I think, is brilliant. And it suits my style to a tee! This is my side of the bed. That dragonfly was a gift from Ole, by best friend. He found it one day at his job and I framed it. The rock and the shells are from Bournemouth Beach in England, where my sister studies. That was alittle tour of my bedroom. I feel so lucky to wake up there every day. It's like it's always smiling at me, like a little piece of heaven! I used to think it didnt really matter what a bedroom looked like, now I know I was wrong... It makes you start your day with a smile! And by the way, this is the view from my bedroom window. My bathroom isnt the best, it is still "in the making" so to say. I am not doing much to it, but I am building some more shelving and some more surfaces. So seeing as that is still in the production state of matter, I am not prepared to show you the mess! Ha ha... But while I am waiting for some more shelves, I decided to do something about all the things that lie around every day. I had this old spice drawer in plastic. From sometime in the 50's :) I love it, but couldnt fit it into my kitchen. So I have been playing with the idea of using it in the bathroom for all the little tibbits. Finally I did. I lined the seethrough fronts with scrapbook paper so that it looked alittle tider. Not too happy with the colour choice, but its all I had at the moment. Last I just want to show off my bell-jar again. I love this thing, and I keep chaing the setting underneath. Right now it's alittle fogged up and I like the "forgotten laboratory" look. The moss had to go unfortunatly, it was moulding. Ha ha... There we are... a few tibbits from me. Tomorrow I will have to wash down the livingrooms and kitchen as well... so I better get to bed, and sleep in fresh bedsheets. Isnt that just the best?!??

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Monica sa...

I remember wakening up in your bedroom last time I visited you. It was WONDERFUL! I loved it, and I miss it. The view from your bedroom it great too...:)
I think the drawer looked great, but I can see what you meen about the colour choise, -its not quite Trine..:P I´m really looking forward to see the bathroom finished one day, -I know it will look GREAT.
I really admire people like you and Isabelle, -you buy a house that look awful (in my eyes) and turns it into a wonderful place "in no time". Everything the two of you does, is planned to the detail, and done fast. I wish I was more like that.. I´m just good at talking about what I want to do, but I never actually DO it.. :(

Love you!! :) *hug* Mille

Erin sa...

Just beautiful!! That wallpaper is gorgeous...such a perfect color, and pretty print. I love what you did with the nightstands too. Wonderful job!!! I just love your bedroom!