mandag 20. juli 2009

Whishingwell monday

It's my free monday, I'm all realxed in front of the computer... with Hexa on my lap and hazelnut coffee in my hand...and life is good! It has been a buzy week, on tuesday my dear friend Mille texted me out of the blue and asked if she could come have coffee... I nearly never see her, as she lives so far away. But she was "in the neighborhood" and stopped by. I made pancakes with strawberries and icecream, and we had a good time. Her two boys seemed to enjoy themselves as well... It was a great day... then on thursday night it was the much awaited Potter midninght premier... ah!!! Finally... I am a total fan, I admit it... gotta love HP. And then on saturday parts of my german family came to ma and pa... five of them in fact! o.O
Yesterday I was at "sigdal Open", a horse show for anything that has four legs and neighs... It was great fun, and my favorites Sandra & Diva did great... won all they entered into. I had the perfect view from the kiosk stand, where I sold snacks to everyone there.
Today my misson is just to relax, and then relax some more... I have been browsing the net and found a wishlist...

I REALLY wish some of teh amazing online shops around Norway would start taking in America Retold stuff... I love their stuff, and really wish someone would start buying from them... just look at what I found...all images borrowed from One Coast, a place for retailers to order (hint hint!!!)

I also browsed ebay a bit and fell absolutely in love with this... I want it, SO bad!!!

isn't it just AMAZING!???? I would treasure it... sigh...

I also found some other amazing items on one coast

this one is from Beatriz Ball, she has a amazing orginal and nature inspired collection of silverwear. All photos from One Coast...
Here is some rose tealight holders in colours I just adore.. I have this in pink... but what I wouldnt give for that light teal one... I wonder if I can paint it.... hmm...And here are some goodies from GG Collection....

Mary Carol Home

Sterling Ind.
That is my little wishlist on a lazy monday... And to end it all,... a glimpse from my turqouise decorated dining room! I like the perspective of this one :)

Love from

4 kommentarer:

The Coffee Lady sa...

I love that candle lantern - always did like a good candle lantern.

Hulda sa...

Utrolig spennende og "fantasy" blogg du har. :) Liker så godt sideelementene, de kler deg virkelig. For jeg tror du har litt "fantasy" over deg. ;)

Flott soverom du har, så friskt og rent i de fargene, lekre skap og nattbord. Smart med krokene på siden av skapet.

Mange fine ting du viser i dette innlegget. Den lysestaken med fuglen på var fin. :)

Turquoise Diaries sa...

You have such beautiful images on your blog. I loved looling at them..

Monica sa...

Der var det masse lekkert jah..:)

Klart du kan få bildene fra huset ditt, skulle bare mangle..:) Sender de over når jeg får tid..:)

(Er i danmark)