mandag 26. januar 2009


Okay, so after a day of crying under the sofa... Huldra has now emerged... Brave as never before... and so far she has chopped my mobile charger into bits (the wire), gnawed at my computer charger (but I managed to save that one) AND vlimed by brand new LACE curtains!!!

Hexa isn't being very brave and is now currently hiding under the sofa... sigh... Aparently they cant be out and about at the same time... Sigh... I hope Hexa can show her some manners!!!

climbing in my curtains!!! the HORROR!!! Someone's calws are gonna get trimmed.. thats for sure... my gosh!

but she is super cute..... her big round yellow eyes...

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Snupijenta! sa...

Hehe..:) JEg nesten visste at det kom til å bli krig i starten med de to,,,..:) Tequila og Baileys brukte EVIGHETER på å komme overens.. Håper disse kommer seg fortere? :D
Skikkelig heksekatt hun Huldra..:)
Lykke til a jenta!
Nok snø å måke om dagen eller? :)

Nygammalt sa...

Hi there!
Thank you sooo much for the lovely comments that you made on my blog...

I just watched the photos from your kitchen. They are amazing, you must be so pleased about your renovation. Now I have to check out the rest of your blog.

Have a wonderful day!

Darcy sa...

AHA! I knew his name was Huldra.
(Yeah, if you haven't read your mail, this won't make much sense to you) :P

He (she?) is an absolutely stunning kitty. He's very lucky to be living in Dragonfly cottage with you and Hexa. I am sooo jealous of the kitty. That's actually kind of pathetic, isn't it? lol