tirsdag 18. august 2009

a trip to the library & housewarming

me and the O-man was driving around doing errands yesterday and in between I managed a trip to the library... which I hardly ever do anymore, mostly becuase I enjoy buying my books... But I never buy books on interior, they are too expencive, and I mostly enjoy looking at the pictures :p

So I borrowed a bag full!The book that got me most excited was one filled with pictures of the swiss-style houses... old farm buildings with their amazong woodwork. Next summer I plan on spicing my own cottage up with these and make it seem like a mini-farmhouse :) :)
Dad has apparently always wanted to do fancy woodwork, so together we shall... I have also promised the O-man a roadtrip to take photos for inspiration... (we enjoy roadtrips looking at fabulous houses)

The O-man is currently on his way to the international welsh show in Holland... lucky bastard... and I am stuck here... I sure hope he has some good times for me as well :)

I had my housewarming this saturday and I got some really amazing gifts :) People really have learned my style from knowing me, and/or reading my blog... Amazing stuff... I am so blessed to have such a bunch of brilliant friends around me!

This lantern was a gift from Cecile, Odd Arne and their daughter Ophelia Marie (isnt that the lovliest of names for a girl? Siiigh). She was worried I had one allready, but I didnt have this type and I told her I can never get enough lanterns! Ha ha... She also got me incredible tealight glasses, that I have put in my bedroom... pictures to come later...

This cruet set was a gift from my friend Kari and her man Thomas. I love the rusted, romatic look :) :)
I got this from Karin... it was decorated with flowers and candles and stuff... but for some reason I couldnt help playing with it and redecorate! And I forgot to take a picture of how beautiful it was to begin with! Sigh!!! I suck!!! But believe me, it was gorgeous! Now all the little bits and pieces of it are scattered around my house...
I got more stuff as well, but I want to divide it up so I can show you later :)
I also got a package in the mail saturday, containing my last ebay treasure. I turquoise shoe shine box... isnt it brilliantly distressed, old and wonderdul?!?? I love it... I am not sure if this is it's final resting spot... I imagine I will move it around the house for more ideas... but I like it like this right now!
I still have a week left of my vacation... and I am enjoying every second of it... today I am having another lazy day, soaking up sun on my porch and crusing the blogs :)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

5 kommentarer:

Mamma'n og Hedda Kristin sa...

Hei du :)

Jeg kan lage p åbestilling om noen vil bestille ;)

Vibeke :)

Skogland sa...

Ååå...!! Det så ut som en utrolig flott bok :) På Eks-design (www.eks.no)kan du forresten få kjøpt "stæsj" til sveitser-hus..

Fortsatt god ferie :)


Lisa sa...

It's great that people really know you so well. Everything you've shown is very YOU. :) Love the shoeshine box, too.

Monica sa...

Wow, så mye flotte gaver du fikk! Jeg skulle ønske jeg hadde vært der jeg også, med en liten gave å gi.. Men det passet så dårlig den helgen, så jeg er kjempegla du har tenkt å ha en til..:)
Det var forresten ett brilliant bryllup vi var i..=)
Deiga den flotte skoesken!!! *vil ha* Jeg drømmer hver dag om ett Trine-instirert kjøkken, med urter på benken og litt mere koselige fliser.. sukk.. Jeg tror du må ta meg med på en shoppe tur engang, og plukke ut det som er fint, hjelpe meg litt igang. Send meg noen linker eller noe om du finner noe flott, jeg trenger hjelp..:)

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